John Cena Divorce Caused by Remodeling Project; A Fan Reacts

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As summarized earlier last month, John Cena filed for divorce from his wife and longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Cena, claiming the marriage was "irretrievably broken." Now is reporting that Cena's marriage to his high school sweetheart fell apart due to a home remodeling project. In the article, Cena claims that the remodeling project caused "unbearable strife" between the two of them, sending the former WWE World Champion filing for divorce.

Vince McMahon and his World Wrestling Entertainment company is taking the situation seriously. In the last few weeks, the WWE has put a lot less pressure on Cena, and has been trying to keep the environment around him as stress free as possible. The last thing Vince McMahon wants is to have his mega star crack under the power of divorce. John Cena has been running full force with the company for a decade, headlining pay per views, weekly episodes of Raw and numerous house shows and world tours.

As a wrestling fan for the last 20 years, I can't pretend to discern what it's like to have the fate of a million dollar organization burdening on your shoulders. Many fans and critics are quick to judge John Cena as a somewhat up-to-date Hulk Hogan. They don't realize that Cena's position doesn't just benefit Cena and McMahon. John's popularity favors everybody who works for the pro wrestling monopoly. He is not solely responsible, but his presence on WWE shows is a major influence on all the WWE employees. He is their main draw. Not because the WWE puts him in that position, but because WWE fans come out in masses to witness the hulking fighter. This most affects his peers, each of whom profit directly from working on the same shows as John Cena. Much like Hogan in the 80s, WWE stars want to work on the highest grossing events, all which are headlined by John Cena.

The fact that Cena's divorce is being attached to a house remodeling project goes to show how fragile marriage to a WWE superstar can be. Whereas an average husband and wife may have been able to seek out alternatives to divorce, such as couples counseling, John Cena isn't in a position to do something like that. There just isn't enough time in his day. I am surprised he has enough time to sleep, nevermind have the time to work on his commitment to his wife. Marriage is not easy. Being a headliner for WWE is far from easy. Unfortunately, this was a recipe for disaster.

I feel badly for the "Doctor of Thuganomics." Sure, he is in a mutually beneficial position with the company, but the stress of carrying the WWE workload is brutal. Add to that the unbearable pains that divorce proceedings cause, and it's easy to see that John Cena is in an undesirable position. As not only a wrestling fan, but as a genuine human being, I hope Cena can find the light at the end of the tunnel.

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