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The San Francisco 49ers are coming off an impressive Week 1 victory over the Green Bay Packers. But as we all know there are still 15 games left in the season and resting on one's laurels never gets anyone anywhere. So what does that mean? It means hard work for "Captain Hard Work" himself, Jim Harbaugh and his 53 "Mighty Men".

Jim Harbaugh makes that, and other things, clear in his press conference from yesterday (September 12). Here are a few points that I found interesting:

Media: Your quarterback has a streak of 185 passes without an interception, better than former 49ers QBs Joe Montana or Steve Young did. What enables QB Alex Smith to play that kind of mistake-free football?

Jim Harbaugh: "Well, it's a great streak to have. That's one that any quarterback, any quarterback, would be proud to have. And a lot goes into that. Talent. Taking care of the ball. Knowing where everybody is on the field. Knowing defenses. And that's a heck of a streak. Like to keep that one going."

Reaction: Jim Harbaugh is all about positive momentum. It's clear here that he is confident about his quarterback given his recent track record. In doing so he shows Alex Smith that he is his quarterback, as he has shown since day one. If I've learned anything about Jim Harbaugh since he joined the 49ers it is that he will always have his players' backs and at any cost. He is the last person I'd expect to sell someone down the river and his players love him for it. Continuing this trend will be crucial as the 49ers march through the regular season and hopefully into the playoffs.

M: Did somebody get an award at the end of the week for practice squad?

JH: "Yes. Developmental squad. Developmental squad you mean? Yes, offensive was [TE] Garrett Celek. Special teams was [WR] Nathan Palmer. Defensively was [LB] Cam Johnson."

Reaction: The thing that surprised me here was Jim Harbaugh's correction of the reporter's term, "practice squad". Well honestly, it didn't surprise me, but I certainly enjoyed it. Jim Harbaugh knows what he has is valuable whether it be on the 53-man roster or on the "developmental squad". His use of the term developmental rather than practice makes the squad a part of the team and organization. This circles back to his positivity. He makes the squad feel its best and thusly it performs at its best.

M: Speaking of tall guys, Lions WR Calvin Johnson presents obviously a big challenge for you guys. In terms of the defensive game plan, without revealing it, what do you see in Calvin Johnson? Is that where it starts when you prepare for the Lions?

JH: "That's one of the places that it starts. There are a lot of tremendous football players on their team. I think all the superlatives that have been associated with Calvin Johnson as a football player are accurate. He is a proven football player. And we're going to have to do a great job defending him."

Reaction: Jim Harbaugh knows that this week and every week will be a challenge, no matter which team the 49ers play. However, he will always prepare his team to the best of his ability and that will always give the 49ers the edge. If not physically, then they will have the edge mentally knowing that they are prepared and that their coach will not quit on them.

Food for thought: To me, Jim Harbaugh is the ultimate NFL coach. Thought early, do you see Jim Harbaugh as a future Hall of Fame coach? Do you think he has the potential to lead the 49ers to several Super Bowls?

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