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Jim Harbaugh’s “Coach’s Notebook: May 23” – Fan Reaction

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Yes folks, it's once again time to check in with everyone's favorite coach, Jim Harbaugh of the San Francisco 49ers. After the team finished up with some OTAs, Harbaugh was available to the media and discussed several topics. Many of which revealed some information that fans have been waiting to hear about. Here is just a look at what some of Jim Harbaugh had to say that stood out to me:

Media: QB Alex Smith is throwing a lot to a certain receiver. It seems he's been throwing to WR Randy Moss a lot. Have you seen that chemistry improved? Do you want that? Do you like to see Alex throwing it to Randy a lot out there?

Jim Harbaugh: "Alex has really been, in the two days out here, has been spreading the ball very well. He's got a lot of options. That's been evident too for two days. Randy's a great target. He's not a B.S.'er. He's rock solid. We just couldn't be happier with him. Couldn't be any more happy with him. Another guy that's really standing out is Mario Manningham."

It's nice to hear exactly what Coach Harbaugh thinks of the newest additions at wide receiver. I never had any doubts about the 49ers acquiring Manningham, but Moss certainly left me feeling uneasy when he was first signed. However, since the team has begun workouts I've heard nothing but rave reviews from Coach Harbaugh regarding Moss and his work ethic. It makes me feel even better to hear that Alex Smith is developing a rapport with both receivers - but especially with Moss.

M: I guess the one that kind of stands out when you look at the offensive line, you have a vacancy there and you've got a lot of guys competing for that spot, for the right guard spot?

JH: "Well, really [G/T] Alex Boone had the first shot at that and he's doing a phenomenal job. There will be competition of course, but he's doing outstanding. Another guy that's standing out is [RT] Anthony Davis. Really good with his footwork. That's been much improved. Knowing the system, veteran guy now. Seen a big jump in his play as well."

The open spot on the offensive line was a concern for many fans heading into the draft. I for one didn't think that draft would be where the 49ers would find their right guard, and it appears to be the spot will go to an incumbent lineman. Harbaugh mentions the names Boone and Davis and speaks about how well they are doing. While it's nice to know these guys are showing promise, it's imperative that they are prepared for taking over the starting right guard job. I'm not sure where Daniel Kilgore fits into all of this talk of offensive line vacancies, but I'm sure he'll be in the mix as well.

M: Jim, what's keeping WR Ted Ginn Jr. off the field?

JH: "He's working through something at this point, physically."

I thought this was interesting because it could open the door for one of the most dangerous weapons in the entire NFL Draft - LaMichael James. James could certainly fill in on returning kickoffs and punts if Ginn happens to remain out for an extended period of time - because like everyone else, I don't want Kyle Williams anywhere near a punt or kickoff return. This could have part of the reason the 49ers drafted James and not just because he was the best available player as I speculated when he was drafted.

Food for thought: What do you think of what you've heard and seen of the 49ers so far this offseason? Is the team geared up to once again dominate the NFC West or will they face some challenge from within the division?

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