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Jerry Jones Doesn't Care About the Dallas Cowboys

Owner's Recent Childish Comments at NFL Combine Show Selfishness, Arrogance

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COMMENTARY | When do we get to the point where it's okay to pardon Jerry Jones' idiocy because it's in his nature to say something stupid?

The 70-year-old owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys seems like he's in good health, physical wise. But there are times when Jones opens his mouth that you feel the need for some serious evaluation to be done on him.

And thanks to his recent comments that he made at the NFL Combine on Monday, perhaps it's time to up the ante on those evaluations.

Jones went into story-telling mode, talking about what life was like when he bought the team 24 years ago and how he takes the blame for Dallas' 17-year Super Bowl drought, where his team has compiled a record of 128-128.

But then he said this:

"I would grant you the decisions that have been made over the years have not produced a Super Bowl, two Super Bowls or three Super Bowls that I would like to have been a part of," Jones said. "And the only thing I am going to do there is keep trying and then make sure I get the credit when we do get that one. Y'all are going to give it to me, aren't you?"

I'm baffled. Completely, and unfathomably baffled.

This man, who has been at the forefront of every inexcusable blunder that he's made in the last 24 years of his tenure in Dallas, all of a sudden expects credit for if the Cowboys miraculously win a Super Bowl before he passes away?

It's official: Jerry Jones thinks he's above the Dallas Cowboys.

Think about it: The man who made the likes of Vinny Testaverde and Drew Bledsoe starting Dallas quarterbacks, hired Dave Campo as a head coach for three miserable seasons and fired Jimmy Johnson years ago, suddenly wants credit for whatever gift from the sky comes the Cowboys' way.

He's not going to give up his GM spot. He's too stubborn. This is not alarming news that should shock anyone with any association to the NFL.

But that one comment finally is the clear-cut evidence that everyone has been waiting for: Cowboys Stadium is his toy box, and the Dallas players are the action figures that inhabit it.

Although, saying something like that is quite fitting, considering it's as childish of a statement as you're going to hear anybody say, let alone the general manager/owner of a franchise that prided itself on winning for the longest time.

Or, so we thought. Until we finally find out after all these years that said general manager/owner cares more about receiving credit after avenging his screw ups over the longest time.

You can go ahead and think it, that's fine. You can think in your head that you deserve the credit for getting the right players and coaches together and win another Lombardi Trophy.

But don't say it and come off like the narcissistic person that you are.

The fact that Jones values credit more than winning is a true sign of where his head is at right now, and it's not a good thing for the short-term future of the Cowboys organization.

Better yet, it's plain scary.

If Tony Romo throws for 450 yards, five touchdowns and is named the Super Bowl MVP, forget about anointing him the credit for actually performing on the field. Good ol' Jerry wants you to shove all of it his way.

The only time Jones will ever get face time and notoriety that he so desperately craves, is when he's the first person Roger Goodell will hand the Lombardi Trophy to.

Until that happens, why not try and do something worthy of getting that notoriety?

In the mean time, he'll just go back to his room and play with his toys. Because that's what 70-year-old children do, right?

Danny Webster is a featured columnist for the Dallas Cowboys. You can get in contact with him by following @DannyWebster21 on Twitter.

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