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Is Jay Cutler's 'Sunny' Disposition a Bad Thing? Fan's Opinion

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Poor Jay Cutler, no matter what he does, he can't quite seem to please anyone. In this fan's opinion, it has been a privilege to have him playing quarterback for the Chicago Bears. While part of that is surely brought on by the fact that the Bears have a lousy history at the quarterback position, much of the criticism that has been waylaid in his direction is more or less unwarranted in my book.

Jay Cutler seems to be in a pretty good mood these days. Generally speaking, why shouldn't he be? Mike Martz is long gone, Cutler has been reunited with best-pal Brandon Marshall, and the Bears have more offensive weapons than they have had, well, ever. Some modest uncertainty concerning the offensive line could dampen the mood a bit, but there have certainly been enough good things go down this offseason to make Cutler one happy camper.

Around the League's Greg Rosenthal says that; "All the positivity worries me. Sunniness is not the Cutler Way. Under Lovie Smith, the Chicago Bears only seem to play well when no one expects it." Remember when countless people threw their arms up when Cutler mentioned his concerns about the offensive line during an interview? In that interview, he wasn't "sunny" enough. Now, he's too "sunny."

As a fan, I don't have a single problem with Cutler's "sunniness." I'd rather the players be excited about what is going on with the team, as opposed to being the prima donna that so many accuse Cutler of being.

The other half of that quote doesn't sit real well with me either. I don't recall many times when the Chicago Bears were expected to play well. I'm speaking of analysts and league insiders --not us loyalty-blinded Bears fans. While I know it's common to feel like your team is consistently slighted by the media, I sincerely don't recall many instances when the Bears have been picked to be major contenders. Thus, I don't see too many instances of the Bears only playing well when no one expects them to, because they haven't been picked to play well very often.

If Jay Cutler was having pillow fights with his receivers --I don't know, he might-- then I could find myself taking issue with an overly sunny disposition, but such as it is, I'm glad the quarterback that I root for is excited for the season. I know I certainly am.

Brian is a lifelong Chicago Bears fan, having lived in Illinois his entire life and having followed the NFL throughout.


Cutler is 'Sunny'

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