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Jared Sullinger Should Return to Ohio State for One More Season

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Jared Sullinger of Ohio State was projected to be a top five pick at the beginning of the NCAA season. Since then, his stock has fallen a bit, and has Sullinger going 9th overall.

His play hasn't been quite what was expected, and his post game still needs some work. But his 286-pound frame is going to make him a very difficult matchup when he finally does get to the NBA. He has soft touch around the hoop and decent range, but the major knock against Sullinger is a lack of athleticism. He's not explosive, quick, or a good leaper, but his skill set makes up for it, and I fully expect Sullinger to at least make a few All-Star teams during his NBA career.

He has a 7-foot-1-inch wing span, and while the huge body frame is an advantage, he could benefit from dropping a few pounds.

Those are all improvements that are best off taking place at the college level, and Sullinger remains undecided on the NBA draft.

"That's something I'm going to take up with coach and just talk it over with him and talk it over with my family. I really don't know my decision yet," Sullinger said.

He struggled badly against Kansas on Saturday night, but getting Ohio State to the Final Four was an impressive enough feat in itself. He shot just 5 of 19 from the floor. Had Sullinger played a little better, it's unlikely that Ohio State would have won, as it lost by only two with Sullinger playing one of his worst games of the season.

Sullinger needs some seasoning, and another year in college would give him that. He's still only 20 years old, and leaving after his junior season next year seems to be the smart thing to do.



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