Jaguars' decision to keep two QBs a surprise

Arthur Arkush
September 7, 2012
Jaguars' decision to keep two QBs a surprise

Keeping three QBs has become somewhat of a luxury in the NFL. Many teams would rather fill that roster spot with a special-teams contributor, while other clubs are now moving toward the Tebow effect, meaning they want a mobile QB who gives opposing defenses one more thing to think about on Sundays.

The Jaguars have the least-stable QB situation in the AFC South, yet they were the one team in the division that decided keeping a third-string QB on the roster was a luxury they couldn’t afford.

Jacksonville’s decision to part ways with third-stringer Jordan Palmer was a bit of a surprise, we hear. Palmer outperformed backup Chad Henne in the preseason, but the Jaguars had a much greater financial stake in Henne, who received $6.75 million over two years and was expected to push starter Blaine Gabbert. Instead, Henne struggled badly in camp, prompting one source to wonder if keeping Palmer around would have been prudent.

The source suggested Palmer now could become the Jaguars’ new Todd Bouman, who, because of his knowledge of former coordinator Dirk Koetter’s playbook, was on GM Gene Smith’s speed dial the past two seasons.

Of course, the hope is that Gabbert flourishes in Year Two and the need for Henne and/or Palmer is nonexistent.