Insider: Henne could be good if mentally tougher

PFW staff
November 19, 2012
Insider: Henne could be good if mentally tougher

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity:

• “(Jacksonville QB) Chad Henne is solid. The thing about him that always disappoints me — as soon as he ascends and hits his stride, he has a bad game or gets hurt and seems to slide into a funk. The pattern always plays out the same way. He is smart and mobile and can make some plays but as soon as he does something good, the other shoe always drops. I don’t think he’s cursed. I think he needs to get mentally tougher.”

• “What’s really interesting to me is what the Hunt family will do (this offseason). I think Clark (Hunt) will start leaning on some of the old regime and go back to what the people of Kansas City know and love. They never should have gotten rid of (former GM) Carl Peterson. It wasn’t like things were broken — they just decided they were going to change directions and it cost them.”

• “What could happen in Cleveland is you could have Andy Reid move in if Philly gets rid of him. All his own people are already there. Realistically, he can move the bus to Cleveland and not even blink. I still think they will clear out the top of the food chain — you can’t demote a head coach to coordinator. Say goodbye to the head coach and GM. … Andy could pick up right where he left off. He’s a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He’d fit in well in the Midwest.”

• “What everyone keeps talking about is how it changes the offense (in Pittsburgh), but the reality is they already changed the offense, and it suits (Byron) Leftwich well. With small, quick, speedy receivers, (Ben) Roethlisberger was getting rid of the ball a lot faster. The onus won’t be real big to make plays — Leftwich knows the offense. He just has to make sure he is not standing, holding, holding because they have become  a catch-and-run group of receivers. That is why (Antonio) Brown’s and (Emmanuel) Sanders’ numbers are going up so much. They are catching two-yard passes and turning them into 20-yard gains. (Offensive coordinator) Todd Haley totally changed their passing concept.”

• “I think Nick Foles is going to have a lot of problems, not only because he is a rookie but also because he is dealing with the worst (offensive) line. He is mobile enough to avoid the first wave, but he is not mobile enough to escape the pressure he’ll see. … The thing about the Eagles’ offense — the receivers catch deep and run. Foles has to stand there and let the receivers clear through shallow zones and get to a deeper area and that can make it tough for him because he has to stand longer in the pocket and doesn’t have the protection to make a vertical passing game develop.”

• “The biggest shocker to me this season is that Carolina has not developed overall in better fashion after last year and that Kansas City is going belly up for coaches that the players wanted. They won one game and were celebrating. … Teams like Oakland are probably where they should be with young coaches and salary-cap issues. No one should be surprised about Cleveland. Philly is different now than last year but that place has been on the verge of blowing up for years.”

• “Minnesota has improved about as much as any team from where they were last year. Having a quarterback (Christian Ponder) being able to play for a year helped them a lot and getting the running back (Adrian Peterson) helped them more than anything. Anytime you have Percy Harvin and Peterson on the roster, you’ve got a chance.”

• “Jay Cutler is not as good as he was a year ago. His mechanics are really bad this year. There was a reason he clashed with Mike Martz — he pushes his quarterbacks hard. You know Cutler does not like anyone riding him. That’s why they didn’t get along. … He doesn’t have tight ends who can play. They can’t pass protect well, and he’s getting beat like a drum. That’s part of it, too.”