Insider: Hard-nosed Schiano does things his way

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Insider: Hard-nosed Schiano does things his way

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• “(Buccaneers head coach) Greg Schiano has been getting blistered in the media, but the “kneelgate” coverage has just barely scratched the surface of what could be said and written. Rutgers was one of the worst visits for scouts — Schiano has a horrific reputation for the way he treats people. He talks down to a lot of players and coaches. He is really strong with discipline — exactly what a young team needed — and has great values and morals. He is just really hard, and everything is his way.”

• “I’m a believer in the way the Ryan brothers (Rex and Rob) create pressure. It’s all about overloads and freeing up the third or fourth guy — they always find a way to create a free rusher. That’s why having quickness on the line is so important inside. It’s hard to rush the passer with power. Everyone in the NFL has power on the lines. It is all about speed.”

• “I don’t know why there has been a love affair in the media with the Bears. The O-line sucks. The running backs are injury-prone. The receivers are overrated. The defense is old. That is not a good football team. And the quarterback (Jay Cutler) has such bad body language. He is very talented, but if they don’t sign him (to an extension), I don’t see anyone paying him a lot of money. Someone would pay him, but it would be a team like Kansas City or Miami, where a job is on the line and they have to win now. It would be a desperation move. When you break him down, he is not very good. He’s taken a step backward.”

• “New Orleans is atrocious — just look at the defensive line. I didn’t like Cam Jordan coming out and (Will) Smith is old. What do they have on the inside? (Brodrick) Bunkley is a pretender. They overpaid the two free-agent linebackers they brought in (Curtis Lofton and David Hawthorne). There’s a reason they’ve been getting gashed and it’s not just about the coaches — I don’t think the talent is there (defensively).”

• “Who would have thought the Arizona Cardinals would be 3-0? … I take my hat off to their coaching staff.”

• “The NFL season is such a grind. You put in everything you have all week, only to do it all over again. It takes a lot out of you. The teams that really know and understand how to work are the teams that are the best.”

• “Houston has so many high draft picks for so long playing in the AFC South — eventually they had to be pretty good.”

• “I like what I have seen from (Miami defensive coordinator) Kevin Coyle so far. He has that group playing hard. A good defense can take you a long way. I expect he’ll keep (the Dolphins) competitive in a lot of games.”

• “The officiating mess has gone on too long. It’s making the league look bad now. It gets worse and worse every week — and we have been on the better end of a lot of calls, so it’s not sour grapes. If it goes beyond a month, it’s an embarrassment. The coaching salaries have skyrocketed. Players are well compensated. Is that extra million or two (dollars) really going to hurt the NFL? Most teams waste $5 million-$10 million on personnel mistakes every year. (The league and the owners) need to respect the game.”

• “There are a lot of smart GMs in this league who notice trends and problems and try to fix them, but you can only do so much. You can tell your coaches what you think, but a lot of them are only going to listen to what they want to hear.”

• “Will the real Cam Newton please stand up? (I repeat.) Will the real Cam Newton please stand up?”

• “I think teams have begun to figure out the Lions. They are very aggressive up front. They get after it (defensively), but the Niners showed you can use it against them and trap the (heck) out of ’em. They are struggling on defense right now.”