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Insider: Aging Woodson one of Packers' problems

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Insider: Aging Woodson one of Packers' problems

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Insider: Aging Woodson one of Packers' problems

The following quotes are from NFL scouts, coaches and front-office personnel, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

• “I think age is starting to catch up with the Packers. Donald Driver has been on his way down for years. (C) Jeff Saturday is done. The left tackle (Marshall Newhouse) can’t play dead in a Western. B.J. Raji is not close to Vince Wilfork. (S) Charles Woodson can’t run anymore — have you studied him? He’ll still flash, but for every play he makes, he gives up three. He’s very limited in coverage.”

• I’ve been around Dick LeBeau and some of the innovators in the field. I’m very preferential to the 4-3 (front) because I think there are numerous ways to play it. When you’re running a 3-4, you better have the right pieces (that are) able to play a certain way, or it is not going to work. The greatest thing I ever learned — and I think you’re seeing it in Minnesota and Chicago and Tampa Bay — (is) if your defense pursues hard, you can be effective.”

• “How much money does Pete Carroll get to waste in Seattle? Look at some of the mistakes they have made at receiver, from Sidney Rice to Braylon Edwards and (at QB with) Matt Flynn and Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst. Yeah, they may have only paid $4 million or $8 million for this guy and that guy, but add it all up and what is the sum of the parts? If you have a lot of players who are just guys and you still don’t have a quarterback and you’re paying the position like you do (have one), you still have a problem. They have missed on so many offensive linemen in free agency and the draft. Where are Deuce Lutui and Alex Barron? Is James Carpenter ever going to stay healthy?”

• “Detroit’s linebackers are average and the secondary is marginal, especially with all the injuries. The team lacks depth and discipline. Their physicality doesn’t match their mouths — it starts with the front office and head coach. Both are overrated.”

• “Where can you find good quarterbacks? They are so hard to find. There are not enough coaches that know how to develop them. I think that is a big part of the (NFL’s) problem. The league can do more.”

• “Most of what gets written and talked about in football — (the media) doesn’t know what it is talking about. They are either flat-out wrong or don’t know the whole story. It’s so emotional from game to game. Writers don’t know when (a blocker) missed a line call or whiffed and a quarterback can’t throw guys under the bus. What good quarterback does that? ­That’s a big part of the gig. You’ve got to have a passion to compete and win and get better to be a good quarterback. To me, that’s what has made Peyton Manning.”

• “If you want to talk about an overrated group, look at the entire offensive line in Cleveland. Look at the entire group and tell me what they have. Ben Watson is old. Has Greg Little done anything since he came into the league? I don’t like their linebackers — D’Qwell Jackson is the only one that can play and he can’t stay healthy. Sheldon Brown is overrated. There’s a reason they can’t buy a win right now”

• “The Jets have a lot of big names and talk a good game, but too many of their name players are not getting the job done. Bart Scott dogs it too much. Antonio Cromartie won’t tackle. The offensive line is fading. Losing Darrelle Revis is tough — you can’t replace guys like him. But (his loss) is far from their only problem. They have a lot of issues.”  

• “As a head coach, you can’t sweat all the little things or you won’t be around long. That was Steve Spagnuolo‘s biggest problem (in St. Louis). You need to understand the big picture and make sure you are spending time on things that matter and money on players that make a difference.”

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