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Iman Shumpert Answers Rumors: 'I Love My Team … I Wanna Win!'

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Iman Shumpert Answers Rumors: 'I Love My Team … I Wanna Win!'

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New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert speaks to the media following a playoff win over the Indiana Pacers …

COMMENTARY | Today's 24-hour per-day news cycle, driven in part by the internet and social media, can certainly make things interesting for sports fans.

In a short time, we can see a leaked video with a seemingly unsubstantiated rumor about a player, a report that the same player is unhappy with the team he's on, and the player personally quelling all of the gossip (in a mere 140 characters or less) before a story (or non-story, as the case may be) can get too far out of control.

James Dolan Reportedly Wanted to Shop Shumpert

Such was the case for New York Knicks guard Iman Shumpert over the past several days.

According to this off-air video clip featuring ESPN's Stephen A. Smith (prior to his interview with the Houston Rockets' Dwight Howard), Knicks owner James Dolan was apparently so displeased with Shumpert's perceived reluctance to take an active role in the NBA's Summer League this month -- even though Shumpert played in New York's first game in this year's edition of the league -- that he wanted to impulsively trade his former first-round draft pick.

Whether that was factual or not, the idea that the hands-on Dolan would feel that way is quite plausible, given his questionable track record.

We're talking about the same owner that had Madison Square Garden employees use special parabola microphones to eavesdrop on the in-game comments of the Knicks' best player, Carmelo Anthony last season, and the same one who said he'd match any offer "up to a billion dollars" for Jeremy Lin before he viewed Lin's second offer from the Rockets as a betrayal.

If what we are to believe what were are told about Dolan's reaction to Shumpert's lack of involvement in the Summer League, Lin's "disloyalty" would probably be seen in the same light as Shumpert's, even though players of Shumpert's stature in the league (as a starter going into his third season) would normally enjoy a full summer vacation rather than participating in such an event.

Not only would rashly dealing Shumpert have been typically foolish on Dolan's part, but it would have been especially imprudent since Shumpert (although far from untradeable) is (along with rookie Tim Hardaway Jr.) one of the very few young, homegrown talents for an organization that usually tries the throw-anything-at-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach, only to ultimately fail.

Shumpert Was Purportedly Upset With Knicks' New Additions

While Shumpert was likely irked by the Dolan's reported comments about the Summer League, there was further news that Shumpert felt some anxiety that the Knicks' offseason moves could slow his own development as he continues to try to improve following his season-ending knee surgery in May 2012.

Some felt that the combination of those two things might have Shumpert wanting out of New York as much as Dolan was said to have desired the same.

Shumpert Sets Everyone Straight That He Is Very Happy In New York

That bit of information, however -- as with the story on Dolan's latest paranoid feelings of treachery -- may or may not be true. Yet seeing it in the news bothered Shumpert enough for the guard to make a statement about it to anyone who'd listen.

On Sunday night (July 21), via Twitter, Shumpert was quick to put any ideas to rest that he either wants out of New York, or that he's unhappy with the Knicks' current roster.

And just like that, another "story" was rapidly put to rest -- until the next rumor similarly spreads overnight in the new technology-fueled, instantaneous way that fans and the media receive their sports information.

Jonathan Wagner is a regular Knicks contributor for Yahoo! Sports, a Knicks beat writer for New York Sports Day. Follow Jonathan on Twitter @JonathanJWagner.

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