Imagining Peyton Manning as a Viking: A Fan's Take

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The Minnesota Vikings are no strangers to bringing in veteran quarterbacks that might be a little past their prime (see Brett Favre). Most people would say that experiment worked out okay, with the first season being phenomenal and the second being, well, not so great. The mere fact that the Vikings have ventured there before is making fans wonder, "What would the Vikings look like if they picked up Peyton Manning?"

There is little doubt that Manning is among the best to play the game. His name is mentioned in the same conversation as Tom Brady and Drew Brees, and he will go down in history as one of the greatest to ever take snaps as quarterback. But what would Peyton Manning bring to the Minnesota Vikings?

The biggest impact is the immediate one we'd see in the passing game. If Manning is truly ready to play again, his cannon of an arm would benefit players like Percy Harvin and even Adrian Peterson because the running game would be opened up.

The longer term impact would be Manning's ability to teach Christian Ponder the ins and outs of the NFL game. Manning has always been known as an intelligent quarterback, and if he could pass those strong traits on to Ponder, Minnesota might indeed have its franchise quarterback for years to come.

The odds of Manning coming to Minnesota are slim to none, but it is always fun for Viking fans to dream. After Brett Favre's comeback, and Randy Moss making a return, anything is possible.

Jack Grunpe is an avid Minnesota Vikings fan and has lived in Minnesota his entire life.

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