Ice Fishing Spots Located in Southern Pennsylvania

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Are you thinking about planning a trip to Southern Pennsylvania with your family this winter? If so, don't forget to pack your ice fishing gear. There are several lakes located in the area that offer excellent opportunities for winter fishing. With that said, here's a quick look at a few fishing spots worth visiting:

Raymond B. Winter State Park

Raymond B. Winter State Park is located in Union County. It is home to Halfway Lake. The lake and some of the surrounding waters are periodically stocked with three types of trout. They are not, however, monitored for ice thickness. As such, anglers will want to take precautions. I'd also suggest that anglers consider targeting the area located near the Sandstone Dam. Oftentimes, it proves to be a productive location. Restrooms and charcoal grills are available on premise.

Prince Gallitzin State Park

Cambria County's Prince Gallitzin State Park features a 1,635-acre lake that is suitable for ice fishing. I'd recommend that anglers in search of a trout dinner head towards Killbuck Run. It is occasionally stocked. Fish that anglers are likely to encounter in Glendale Lake include bluegill, walleye, pike and perch.

French Creek State Park

Ice anglers seeking to make a weekend of it may want to set their sights on French Creek State Park. It is partially located in Berks County and features year round cabin rentals. There are two lakes onsite and hunting is permissible. I'd suggest that ice anglers target the 22-acre Scott's Run Lake. It is frequently stocked with trout. Hopewell Lake is best suited for catching panfish, northern pike and walleye.

Poe Valley State Park

Centre County's Poe Valley State Park features a 25-acre lake that is suitable for ice fishing. Big Poe Creek and Penn's Creek are also located nearby. In my opinion, it's a great place to catch trout. Ice anglers may expect to find rainbow trout, brown trout, perch and pickerel living in the lake. Charcoal grills are located onsite and may be used to heat coffee or prepare a snack. The downside is that the park's roads are usually not plowed. Therefore, anglers will want to plan accordingly.

Canoe Creek State Park

Blair County's Canoe Creek State Park is home to Canoe Lake. The 155-acre lake is a wonderful place to snag trout, panfish and walleye. That's because the lake is periodically stocked with fish. Other species of fish on offer include pickerel, bass and muskies. Charcoal grills are located on premise. Anglers will need to bring their own ice rescue gear.

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