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Houston Dynamo Supporters Group Unapologetically Tweets Homophobic Slurs

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COMMENTARY | Major League Soccer has made it very clear that homophobic language from players, coaches and fans is completely unacceptable. One group of Houston Dynamo supporters apparently didn't get the memo on the subject.

The Brickwall Firm is, according to the Dynamo's official website, the "newest Dynamo supporters group to emerge." Many non-Houston fans have just now been introduced to that group following some unfortunate and what will likely prove to be regrettable Tweets that were sent out during Sunday night's Houston at LA Galaxy match. The first, according to the Twitter timestamp, was posted during the early stages of the contest. It was directed toward Galaxy and US Men's National Team star Landon Donovan.

"Donovan is a fa----. Brickwall don't give a sh-- about PC."

As one might expect, many MLS fans did not take kindly to that post. One individual with access to the Brickwall account responded to those people on Monday morning with the following: "For the record, Brickwall loves homosexuals...but hate fa-----. If that offends you, you're probably a fa-----." That Tweet also linked to this Louis CK clip (may/may not be NSFW for you).

This is not the first time that the Dynamo have been involved with such an incident. Then Houston player Colin Clark, who is now with the Galaxy, got himself some unwanted national attention last year when he was caught on camera using two "f-words." He was subsequently suspended three games and fined for his actions. San Jose Earthquakes forward Alan Gordon received the same punishment after he used similar language during a game last month.

The league's latest battle to combat homophobia comes roughly three months after US international and former MLS player Robbie Rogers publicly announced that he was gay. Rogers, who stated at the time that he was walking away from the game, has recently been linked with a move to the Galaxy. He trained with LA last week.

MLS took a public stand on this issue in 2012 when the league launched the "Don't Cross The Line" campaign, aimed to "draw the line at discrimination or harassment of any kind, on and off the field." These commercials air on ESPN, NBC Sports and local affiliates, and also at arenas, every time a MLS match takes place. Stars such as New York Red Bulls captain Thierry Henry and the previously mentioned Donovan are featured in those ads.

Neither MLS nor the Dynamo have publicly addressed this situation as of the posting of this piece. I had a brief conversation with someone who works for the league via email on Monday morning. All I was told is that "bad times are comin'," and that the league is aware of the Tweets. MLS has, in the past, left no doubt that anybody with any ties to the league using such offensive and disgusting language will be dealt with in some manner, regardless of context or "attempts at humor."

That some people still don't get that astonishes me, even though I suppose it really shouldn't.

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