Hope Solo’s Rant Against Brandi Chastain and Other Rants Against Reporters

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Hope Solo has been the center of her share of controversies over the years. The latest controversy stems from a Tweet she made on Saturday, July 28, 2012, criticizing reporter Brandi Chastain's characterization of the United States women's soccer team's defense and indicating that Chastain may be out of touch with the current methods used in soccer. Chastain was famously part of the United States team that won the 1999 World Cup. Chastain fired back on Sunday, July 29, that she was merely doing her job and objectively reporting the event. This is far from the first time that a sports figure has had issues with a reporter. Here is a look at some of the other more controversial interactions between a sports figure and reporter.

Kurt Busch

In 2011, near the end of the NASCAR Sprint Cup season, driver Kurt Busch was in a bad mood after his night ended early. While waiting to take his car into the garage, ESPN analyst Dr. Jerry Punch went to him for an interview. What Punch got was an obscene verbal tirade. This tirade was captured by a fan and posted on youtube.com. Busch was fired from his job but did manage to find employment with another team. As a driver known for his temper, this may be one of his last chances to pull himself together before being out of a job permanently.

Sven Kramer

In 2010, speed skater Sven Kramer was participating in the Olympic Games when he was asked to give an interview to an American reporter. The reporter asked him to identify himself and what his event was at the Olympics. He refused forcefully and in doing so asked about the reporter's intelligence and indicated that that was not his job. Not long after the insult, he made a basic mistake that cost him a race. The American media was not kind to him in the headlines.

Lee Elia

After a particularly disappointing loss in 1983, a reporter, Les Grobstein, made the mistake of asking the coach of the Chicago Cubs, Lee Elia, about the team's abysmal record. The coach took three minutes to answer the reporter using a vulgarty filled tirade that was recorded for posterity. The tirade is still remembered by Chicago fans and residents and it is not likely to be soon forgotten.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

In 2011, HBO reporter Larry Merchant once made the mistake of questioning whether Floyd Mayweather Jr. had won fairly. Mayweather took offense to the question and indicated that he felt that Merchant should not be working as a reporter of a sport he did not understand. Merchant did not appreciate his comment and indicated that he believed that if he were Mayweather's age, he could take the boxer in a fight. In 2012, both men admitted to getting fired up and indicated that it had been nothing personal.

Dana White

In 2011, Dana White, head of the UFC, decided to ban Loretta Hunt, among other reporters, after she wrote a story that he did not like. In particular, he took offense at the suggestion that the organization would promote and protect one certain fighter. He took his side of the story to youtube.com and posted a video that didn't hold back on the obscenities and slurs. Though the official video has since been taken down, there are other copies that have been reposted.

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