Hope Solo’s Book Controversy Overshadows the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team: Fan View

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Hope Solo’s Book Controversy Overshadows the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team: Fan View

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Hope Solo.

Hope Solo's recent book controversy is overshadowing the U.S. women's soccer team again. Instead of a focus on the team's upcoming tour that will celebrate the gold medal at the Olympics, Solo has been at the center of another feud. Now, there are rumors that she may be facing a legal battle that stems from her book.

"Solo: A Memoir of Hope"

Hope Solo has been busy promoting her book, "Solo: A Memoir of Hope," and her Twitter stream is filled with reviews and interviews. Although several parts of her book have been scrutinized, her statements about her experience on "Dancing with the Stars" and accusations that Maks Chmerkovskiy hit her during the show have garnered the most attention. Solo has stood by her statements while the network has not issued an official comment.

Greg Ryan Speaks Out About Solo's Book

Although the controversy surrounding "Dancing with the Stars" has been the main focus of the media, Hope Solo's book also targeted Greg Ryan. The former U.S. women's soccer coach has actually issued a statement that contradicts her book. Ryan points out, "I did not shove or push Hope as I've been accused in her book."

The Forgotten U.S. Women's Soccer Team

As the media storm continues to center on goalie Hope Solo, the U.S. women's soccer team is being forgotten again. Ticket sales have already started for games that will be a part of the team's tour to celebrate the Olympic gold medal. The U.S. will face Costa Rica on Sept. 1 and Australia on Sept. 16.

This is not the first time that Solo has overshadowed the rest of the team. During the Summer Olympics, her Twitter comments about Brandi Chastain stole the spotlight as the U.S. fought for the gold medal. Now, Hope Solo's media tour for her book is having a similar influence.

Possible Repercussions for Hope Solo

Greg Ryan's statement reveals that he is obviously angry over his portrayal in Hope Solo's memoir, but he has not sought legal action. On the other hand, there have been new rumors that Maks Chmerkovskiy and "Dancing with the Stars" may be considering a lawsuit. Solo has refused to change her statements and stands by her book.

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