Hockey refs dance to 'Sweet Caroline,' hopefully start tradition (Video)

Hockey referees aren’t exactly what you call “endearing.” They get booed and harassed at pretty much every level, from hockey dads yelling at them at youth games to those same hockey dads yelling at them at NHL games.

Which is to say that referees could use some good PR, some positive connections with fans.

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Like, for example, if they incorporated more choreographed dancing into their nightly duties.

Here are the officials at a youth hockey game at the Howelsen Ice Arena in Steamboat Springs, Col., dancing to “Sweet Caroline”:

We see no reason why this shouldn’t be to on-ice officials what “YMCA” is to baseball groundskeepers.

Seriously, import this to the NHL pronto. Do it at the midpoint of the game in the second period. Oh, to have Tim Peel, Mike Leggo, Pierre Racicot and Greg Devorski leading the crowd in a spirited rendition of the Neil Diamond classic!

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Clearly, no one would think to criticize them again after that whimsy.

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