High Fives: Trade market

Brandon Funston
Yahoo! Sports
Yahoo! Sports' trio of fantasy experts will each offer up, on a regular basis, a look at their top five lists dealing with a variety of topics.

This week's topics: Buying low and selling high, defining the elite class of shortstops, determining the balance of baseball's world powers and the cream of the non-baseball sports movie crop.

Top 5 players that are ripe to be traded for in fantasy right now
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Randy Johnson, NYY

    Johnson for Erik Bedard or Pat Burrell? I'm seeing it happen in Yahoo! leagues.

  2. Carlos Delgado, Fla

    Good time to get him as his power has just started to take off

  3. Rafael Furcal, Atl

    .216 BA will get much better, but it's currently masking the fact that he's on pace for 50 steals and 70 RBI

  4. Adrian Beltre, Sea

    .239 average doesn't show that he's been hitting the ball hard lately

  5. Jim Edmonds, StL
  1. Brad Lidge, Hou

    Cite the lack of opportunities in Houston and his 3.60 ERA and hope he's dealt to a contender

  2. Carlos Beltran, NYM

    Six homers and Willie Randolph's aversion to the stolen base have owners panicking

  3. Scott Rolen, StL

    Injury and early struggles lowers asking price

  4. Aubrey Huff, TB

    Owners frustrated by his two home runs might deal him for a bucket of balls

  5. John Smoltz, Atl

    Great ERA, solid Ks and pointing to his three wins might get his owner thinking

  1. Victor Martinez, Cle

    Why not take a chance when the asking price is only a Ryan Dempster-type?

  2. Paul Konerko, ChW

    Average already beginning to jump; hit 10 homers in June last year

  3. Jason Schmidt, SF
  4. David Wright, NYM

    Already solid; seems poised for a jump into elite status at 3B

  5. Jimmy Rollins, Phi
Top 5 players that are ripe to be dealt away in fantasy right now
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Clint Barmes, Col

    Hitting below .300 in May, but season totals will still land you a top talent

  2. Jon Garland, ChW

    Getting good value for a pitcher with few Ks; He's slowed down a bit in May

  3. Carlos Beltran, NYM

    Time to admit he's not going to be much of a SB threat this year (especially now that he's nursing a quad injury). Might be last chance to get top-shelf value.

  4. Craig Biggio, Hou

    Around .250 in the second half of each of the past three seasons

  5. Tino Martinez, NYY
  1. Dontrelle Willis, Fla

    Can obtain virtually anyone right now for this mid-round pick

  2. Clint Barmes, Col

    Given the struggles and injuries to players all over the board, he's a hot commodity

  3. Jon Garland, ChW

    He's one Joe Crede gaffe away from 9-0, but hard to believe this pace can be maintained

  4. Tino Martinez, NYY

    Window has passed for the most part, but 12 HR and 30 RBIs not too shabby

  5. Cliff Floyd, NYM

    Big power numbers and a couple stolen bases. When will he get hurt?

  1. Dustin Hermanson, ChW

    Double-digit save total commands value. Still, this IS Dustin Hermanson and Ozzie Guillen loves to tinker with closers

  2. Jeremy Bonderman, Det

    Hate to hear "dead arm" reports in May

  3. Troy Glaus, Ari
  4. Kenny Rogers, Tex

    Five wins have come vs. teams with combined .433 winning percentage

  5. Milton Bradley, LAD
Top 5 shortstops for the remainder of the season (excluding Tejada and Jeter)
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Michael Young, Tex
  2. Jimmy Rollins, Phi

    Even with BA lagging, he's stealing bases and scoring runs

  3. Pedro Feliz, SF
  4. Chone Figgins, LAA

    Fantasy's most versatile performer may be its fastest, too

  5. Rafael Furcal, Atl

    I have no doubt he'll catch a hot streak and right that BA (.216)

  1. Jimmy Rollins, Phi

    Has found his way out of a long slump. Hit .433 with eight runs and four SB this week

  2. Pedro Feliz, SF

    Retains his shortstop eligibility and can be plugged in virtually everywhere

  3. Michael Young, Tex

    Starting to come on, has hit safely in nine of his last 10 games

  4. Clint Barmes, Col

    Rockies still have 60 games at home on the schedule

  5. Khalil Greene, SD

    16 RBIs in 23 games since returning to the Padres lineup

  1. Michael Young, Tex

    Approaching quarter-pole with only 14 extra-base hits. Too good not to break out soon

  2. Jimmy Rollins, Phi
  3. Pedro Feliz, SF

    OK, so he hasn't played SS in 2005. You have to exploit eligibility loopholes when you can

  4. Clint Barmes, Col
  5. Felipe Lopez, Cin
Top 5 expected finishers among countries in a baseball World Cup
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. USA
  2. Dominican Republic

    Offense is dominant, but pitching beyond Pedro would be vulnerable

  3. Venezuela
  4. Canada

    Harden, Bedard, Gagne provide ample pitching prowess; Bay, Koskie, Morneau, Walker provide just enough offense

  5. Cuba

    This team has always excelled in international competition

  1. USA

    Baseball's version of the Dream Team would be downright frightening

  2. Dominican Republic

    Scary talent: Pujols, Vlad and Pedro

  3. Japan
  4. Cuba
  5. Venezuela
  1. Dominican Republic

    Pujols, Vlad, Miggy, Big Papi, Manny, Soriano – how do you settle on your 3-4-5 hitters? Leadoff, catcher and rotation depth only concerns.

  2. USA
  3. Cuba

    You won't recognize any names, but Cuba is still an international baseball force

  4. Venezuela

    Johan Santana and Carlos Zambrano top a rotation that is backed by a solid defense

  5. Puerto Rico
Top 5 favorite non-baseball sports movies of all-time
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Rocky
  2. When We Were Kings

    Norman Mailer's yarn spinning adds to this all-access look at one of the greatest fights of all-time

  3. Vision Quest

    I've never been a wrestling fan, but you can't help but get caught up in Louden Swain's passion for beating the legendary Ryan Shute

  4. Miracle

    Guaranteed to produce a lump of patriotism in your throat

  5. Seabiscuit
  1. Hoosiers

    Perhaps the best illustration of the love of sport and its place in society

  2. North Dallas Forty

    Classic film that puts some of the Cowboys' antics over the years in perspective

  3. When We Were Kings
  4. Raging Bull

    Scorsese masterpiece that showed the tortured Jake LaMotta's life and got the DeNiro-Pesci connection rolling

  5. Pumping Iron

    Arnold's best work and an insider-look into another world

  1. Brian's Song

    Let's just say that even the toughest of viewers usually let the credits roll with the lights off

  2. Caddyshack
  3. Rocky

    Unfortunately, the Rocky series went out like Jerry Rice, not Reggie Miller. Sad really

  4. Seabiscuit
  5. Rounders

Reader response to last week's High Fives
Hey Matt "The Little Brain" Romig,
How do you get away with cashing a paycheck each week when you know nothing about baseball? For you to refer to Frank Thomas as "The Big Skirt" is ludicrous and shows how naive you really are. "THE BIG HURT" not only is one of the most feared hitters ever and a future Hall of Famer, he has also proven his toughness and ability to come back from injury – like returning from a missed season due to a torn pectoral to put up 42 HRS and 105 RBI. When he broke his ankle last season, he was leading the league in OBP and on pace for a 30 HR/100 RBI/100 BB season. When he returns this season and puts up typical big numbers we expect from the "BIG HURT," we'll see if you're tough enough to admit you were wrong about him. – Dennis, Bayside, NY

I've got a suggestion for your "High Fives" column. Have a reader-submitted category for the three of you to rank. Here's your first one: Rank the following in order of which group consists of the biggest losers – Trekies, Star Wars geeks, 40-year old virgins, coin and/or stamp collectors and, finally, people who e-mail Brandon Funston to insult Yahoo! fantasy experts for not mentioning their favorite movie, stadium or one-hit wonder. Get a life, people! – John, Ambridge, PA

Hello, I was looking at the "High Fives" and saw that you all left off the best father-son duo of all time, and I'm pretty sure the only father-son duo in which both are in a pro sports hall of fame, and that's Tom Morris and Tom Morris Jr., who are both in the Pro Golf Hall of Fame. They do date back a while, but it is the best in "history," so I thought I would inform you that you left the best out. I also wanted to suggest that you do a top five most intimidating athletes of all time list – could be interesting who frightens you and why. – Joshua, Fort Collins, CO