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High Fives: Metallica and Otsuka

Brandon Funston
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Yahoo! Sports' trio of fantasy experts will each offer up, on a regular basis, a look at their top five lists dealing with a variety of topics.

This week's topics: Middle relievers, players switching teams, injuries waiting to happen and some pop culture (music and movies).

Top 5 players who'll benefit most by switching teams in the offseason
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Tim Hudson
  2. Mark Mulder
  3. Derek Lowe
  4. Dustan Mohr

    Made strides in '04 (.394 OBP). Now he gets an everyday gig at Coors.

  5. Randy Johnson
  1. Mark Mulder
  2. Danny Kolb
  3. Matt Lawton
  4. Randy Johnson

    Yanks offense isn't held down often. Five more wins in the offing.

  5. Al Leiter
  1. Randy Johnson
  2. Mark Mulder

    Don't underestimate Dave Duncan factor.

  3. Derek Lowe
  4. Dan Haren
  5. Javier Vazquez
Top 5 fantasy middle relievers
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Akinori Otsuka
  2. Juan Rincon

    Cut fastball is one of the best in the game.

  3. Tom Gordon
  4. Scot Shields
  5. Ryan Madson
  1. Tom Gordon
  2. Akinori Otsuka

    Strikeout artist (1.1 per inning), vulture and insurance for Hoffman owners.

  3. Damaso Marte
  4. Ryan Madson
  5. J.C. Romero
  1. Akinori Otsuka
  2. Juan Rincon
  3. Juan Cruz
  4. Ryan Madson

    Charlie Manuel says spot-closing is possible.

  5. Felix Rodriguez
Top 5 baseball movies of all-time
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. The Natural
  2. Bull Durham
  3. Field of Dreams
  4. The Rookie

    Major League debut at age 35. Don't we all harbor that dream?

  5. Major League
  1. Bull Durham
  2. The Natural

    Domination = Striking out "The Whammer" and blowing up scoreboards.

  3. Field of Dreams
  4. Eight Men Out
  5. Major League
  1. The Natural

    "I won't do it, Pop. I can't."

  2. Bull Durham
  3. Eight Men Out
  4. Major League
  5. Field of Dreams
Top 5 songs you'd want playing if you were stepping to the plate
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Man in the Box by Alice in Chains
  2. Tear the Roof off the Sucker by Parliament
  3. TNT by AC/DC
  4. Baba O' Riley by The Who

    Liked it so much better before it became Paul O'Neill's anthem.

  5. The Distance by Cake
  1. Seek & Destroy by Metallica

    What better way to state your intentions?

  2. Stone Cold Crazy by Queen
  3. A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley
  4. Centerfield by John Fogerty
  5. Pass the Courvoisier by Busta Rhymes
  1. Loser by Beck
  2. Rocket Queen by Guns N' Roses
  3. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

    Is there a better way to unite a crowd?

  4. Iron Man by Black Sabbath
  5. The Distance by Cake
Top 5 players (currently healthy) that you expect to see the most DL time in '05
Brandon Says: Mike Says: Matt Says:
  1. Larry Walker

    Could have used a trade to the AL (read: DH) years ago.

  2. Mike Piazza
  3. Cliff Floyd
  4. Mike Sweeney
  5. John Smoltz
  1. Troy Glaus
  2. Brad Penny
  3. Barry Bonds

    Didn't have much to say on health of his knee. That worries me.

  4. Mark Buehrle
  5. Ken Griffey Jr.
  1. Jose Reyes
  2. Billy Wagner
  3. Jim Edmonds
  4. Troy Glaus
  5. Eddie Guardado

    Could pay for skipping offseason surgery.