Heather Watson Breaks into the WTA Top 50: A Fan’s Reaction

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Wow, what a period for British tennis this is. We had hardly recovered from the success that Andy Murray has had this season, and then we had some top form from Laura Robson. Robson, of course, made history by reaching a WTA singles final.

However, Heather Watson has now done one better than that by winning the Japan Open title. This success has led to Watson reclaiming her position as Britain's number one female tennis player but, perhaps, more importantly has broken into the WTA top 50.

It seems that Andy Murray and Laura Robson have been receiving a lot of attention this year, but it's important to remember that Heather has had a great time of it as well. I think it is fair to say that this has been the breakthrough year for both of Britain's young female stars.

The excitement level will certainly be raised for 2013. Most people would agree that Watson is a long way from reaching her full potential; it should get a lot better for her than merely breaking into the top 50. Nevertheless, this is an important and vital step to becoming an elite tennis player.

Heather has shown her versatility this year with solid progress in the major tournaments as a singles player, but she has also managed to pick up two WTA doubles titles. So, it looks like British tennis is in a good place with these three players.

It is inevitable that people will soon start discussing the potential of both Robson and Watson to win Grand Slam titles. It remains to be seen if the two players have that true championship quality that Andy Murray finally proved this year. But I'm sure both players dream of lifting that prestigious Wimbledon title in the near future.

We will find out in the coming years what is possible, but for now, Brits should simply rejoice in the fact they have produced two of the best female tennis players for many, many years. It should also serve to take a little bit of pressure and attention away from Murray, which could result in more success for him in the near future.

All British tennis needs now is another top-class male player to give Murray some much needed support and competition. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like that is set to happen in the near future.

James Kent has been a keen supporter of tennis for many years; he has enjoyed the action on offer during the 2012 season so far, follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

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