Hawaii Warriors First Quarter Blues – Fan’s Perspective

1-5 Record Can Partly Be Blamed on Poor Starts – Finishes Aren’t Good Either

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Hawaii Warriors First Quarter Blues – Fan’s Perspective

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A Blue Hawaiian

Finish what you started, was what I was always told to do - and yes, it was also a big hit song for Van Halen. And maybe the University of Hawaii Warriors are taking it too literally because once they start badly, they're done. Plus they finish games almost as badly as they start them. They'll be playing the blues before long is this keeps up.

To be fair, the Warriors don't play that poorly once they get a quarter under their belt. But that first 15 minutes is ugly. How ugly? The key stat is how many total points the Hawaii offense has scored in the first quarter: 10. That's comes to less than two points per game. So how about the fourth quarter? They are averaging a little more than four points with a total of 26 points. It some ways, the last quarter stat may be worse.

Nearly every contest the Warriors have been in has been a blowout. The opposing team pulls their starters and don't even concern themselves much while using prevent-defenses. That should allow Hawaii a chance to make the score a little more respectable. But, no such luck.

But that start ... it's plain bad

But now back to the start of games. That total of 10 points includes seven when the Warriors beat up on FCS club Lamar Cardinals. Here's another interesting side note about that game. It wasn't until midway through the second quarter that Hawaii scored their next touchdown. Yes, the Warriors won their game against Lamar 54-2 which is impressive no matter who it was against. But Lamar has won only one game this year against other FCS teams. In other words, they aren't very good. One last add about Lamar; one touchdown scored by the men of Manoa was on a block punt and another was on a kickoff - plus they had two field goals. Kudos to their special teams but this isn't making the offense look any better.

Why can't Hawaii get going offensively? Okay, well, this takes too long a laundry list to expound on here, but suffice to say, neither their running nor their passing game is top-notch. They both rank nationally in the bottom 20 statistically.

3 points in five games

Three points against Division 1 (FBS) opponents in the first quarter puts the team squarely in the hole. And with new schemes offensively and defensively, there just isn't the talent level to win games and turn this season around, while sitting in such big holes to start games.

That's four out of six gridiron battles where the Warriors were skunked in the first quarter. And in two contests, they didn't score in the entire first half. When you're playing from behind, it limits play calling and puts a huge amount of pressure on the defense. This is a recipe for disaster and let's face it, this Hawaii Warrior season has been a disaster.

This Hawaii fan is blue. I realize new head coach Norm Chow will be given time but could there have been a better way to approach the beginning of games whereby they can play four quarters without being led to slaughter every weekend before the men of Manoa have even played one half?

Sources - University of Hawaii, USA Today

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