Hatton decisions Lazcano in return to England

Martin Rogers
Yahoo! Sports

MANCHESTER, England – A round-by-round look at Ricky Hatton's unanimous decision win over Juan Lazcano on Saturday. Official scores were 120-110; 118-110; and 120-108.

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Total
Ricky Hatton 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 120
Juan Lazcano 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 108

Hatton looks pumped up like never before, set off into a state of near frenzy by his passionate home following. A few wild swings in the opening minute highlights his over-anxious state, but after Lazcano connects with a pair of accurate jabs, the favorite bursts into life. A clubbing right hand moves Lazcano backward before a straight left pushes his back against the ropes. The visitor’s nose is streaming blood as the fighters head to their corners.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

Hatton’s tempo is relentless and Lazcano does not have the game plan or quick feet to stay out of his range at this point. After a fierce right hook early in the round Hatton begins to get to work on a body-shot bombardment including two brutal blows to the ribs. The crowd is still in high spirits.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

A sharp and collective intake of breath from the crowd in the opening moments as Hatton tumbles to the canvas, but it is ruled a slip rather than a knockdown. The action slows slightly as the pair lock arms and Lazcano spins Hatton around 180 degrees. Lazcano unleashes his first meaningful shots of the fight, a left jab to Hatton’s mouth and a straight right. However, he doesn't score heavily enough to take the round.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

Hatton is motivated to finish this early and pops out a series of shots from both wings that have his opponent ducking for cover. Lazcano is solid and durable but Hatton’s hand speed and mobility is constantly penetrating his defense. This is just the sort of performance the Manchester crowd wanted to see from their man following his disappointment against Mayweather in December.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

Lazcano is not having much fun out there as Hatton continually finds his target in an impressive display of offense. The challenger is too busy getting tagged to mount a meaningful attack as Hatton piles on the pressure.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

Not Hatton’s most productive round of the contest, but still more than enough to get him full points. The left hook is now being used to positive effect – Hatton hits Lazcano with a hook to the body then another to the head that appears to rock Lazcano. The spring is still there in the Englishman’s step, and he will want to finish the bout in style in the second half of the fight.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

A straight right to the chin with a minute left in the round snaps Lazcano’s head back and Hatton narrowly misses with a following uppercut. On this performance it is hard to see how Lazcano has been four world champions in his career. He has been totally outclassed.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

The bell stopped Hatton from teeing off on a flurry of big shots as he looks to put this one to bed. Lazcano has no answer and at no stage has he challenged. Whether boosted by his home crowd or not, Hatton has been a live wire throughout. Many questioned his commitment and drive leading in to the fight but he has ticked every box so far.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

Hatton can’t have been far away from a stoppage midway through the round, but Lazcano gamely threw some leather back in response after being wilted by a ferocious combination that drove him back into the ropes. Lazcano has the heart of a lion but doesn't have the skills to compete with Hatton in this kind of mood.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

Hatton is determined to give his fans something special upon his return home but Lazcano is frustrating his attempts to secure a knockout. A sharp jab/uppercut combination puts Hatton on top once more, but Lazcano keeps himself in it by firing back with meaning and connecting with Hatton’s exposed chin.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

More holding from Lazcano as he tries desperately to avoid a stoppage and take this one the distance. For all his activity, Hatton could not land the one, flush, super-charged blow that would have brought things to a premature halt. Only a miraculous knockout could turn this around for Lazcano – and it isn’t going to happen
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton

Self-preservation kicks in for Hatton, as he gets in close to ensure there are no nasty shocks from his opponent. Things crank up a touch in the last minute, as Hatton searches for the dream ending, but Lazcano keeps his gloves high and hangs on until the finish.
Rogers scores it 10-9, Hatton