Harvin's role with Vikings remains unknown

Eric Edholm
Harvin's role with Vikings remains unknown

Since WR Percy Harvin landed on injured reserve on Dec. 5, he has remained silent. When his Vikings teammates and coaches have been asked about him, their silence also is curious.

Harvin reportedly left town at that point, and no one is quite sure what to make of it. He famously threatened to hold out this past offseason, reportedly upset over his place with the team (few concrete details came out over it), and could be a candidate to be absent this offseason while he rehabs an ankle injury.

The injury is not considered to be a long-term concern. But Harvin’s place on the team is. He has campaigned for an extension — his contract is up after the 2013 season — but has yet to receive one.

Although Harvin’s play on the field occasionally has warranted a new contract, his reliability is shockingly bad. He now has butted heads with two coaching staffs (Brad Childress and Leslie Frazier), and Frazier is considered a very player-friendly coach. He and Harvin were seen jawing at each other heatedly in a loss at Seattle before Harvin was shelved for the season.

Harvin is undoubtedly tough and talented, and receiver most certainly is a position of need for the Vikes, with or without him, but can the team commit to him long term? His chances of receiving an extension this offseason appear slim — lower than a trade to another team, it appears, although no decisions on that front have been made by the Vikings’ brass.