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Harmon's rankings: Tight ends

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OK, so it's now Tony Gonzalez ... and everybody else. When do you take him? I've seen Gonzalez drafted as early as late third round and as late as early sixth. The highest returning TD total after Gonzalez is held by fan favorite Boo Williams. Shannon Sharpe ended his Hall of Fame career in 2003 with eight TDs. After that, there were five players with four TDs and a boatload of players with two or three.

Unless your league rewards you mightily for catches and yardage earned by tight ends, I'd suggest holding back and looking for value in later rounds. Whatever you do, don't get suckered into a run on tight ends after Gonzalez's selection. The point differential among remaining TEs is not great enough to draft one that early. Those who went "all in" on Todd Heap just after Gonzalez and Shockey in '03 know what I mean.

Remember, some coaches love the tight end and will utilize the position more than others. The potential is there for big years from Jason Witten and Daniel Graham later in the draft. And I am the first to admit that Kellen Winslow is so very intriguing.

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Player Rec Yds TD 100 Avg Bye
1. Tony Gonzalez, KC 71 916 10 1 12.9 5
Outlook: He can't be contained. Gonzo is the man.
2. Todd Heap, Bal 16 206 1 1 12.9 6
Outlook: Heap will return to be the man you saw in '02. He's ready to make the leap.
3. Alge Crumpler, Atl 44 552 3 0 12.5 9
Outlook: Vick will spread the ball around in the new-look Falcons offense. He's got a shot to shine.
4. Kellen Winslow, Cle Played for University of Miami (Fla.) in '03 8
Outlook: Welcome to the party. Garcia loves the safety valve of a TE, and with an unproven receiving corps in Cleveland he'll play a big part from day one.
5. Randy McMichael, Mia 49 598 2 1 12.2 3
Outlook: Does disappear on occasion, but when he's on he's as good as anybody.
6. Jeremy Shockey, NYG 48 535 2 1 11.1 6
Outlook: His injury woes keep him out of the top five, but he still hauled in 48 passes in '03. He could break out in '04.
7. Boo Williams, NO 41 436 5 1 10.6 8
Outlook: The one time "Boo"-ing your hometown guy is appropriate. Brooks loves his latest weapon, and his maturation process means more check-downs to his TE.
8. Erron Kinney, Ten 41 381 3 0 9.3 9
Outlook: Steve McNair knows how to distribute the ball, and the TE is key to his success.
9. Dallas Clark, Ind 29 340 1 1 11.7 6
Outlook: Manning knows how to find the open man, and Clark stands as one of the best young TEs in the game.
10. Itula Mili, Sea 46 492 4 0 10.7 7
Outlook: Seattle stands to score a lot of points this season, and there's no doubt that Mili snares his share of passes.
11. Antonio Gates, SD 24 389 2 1 16.2 10
Outlook: An intriguing sleeper at the TE position. The former basketball player is athletic and Philip Rivers' only hope.
12. Freddie Jones, Ari 55 517 3 0 9.4 6
Outlook: Dennis Green will fuse Jones' image onto young McCown's brain. Even with stud wideouts Fitzgerald and Boldin, he'll need Jones to succeed.
13. Marcus Pollard, Ind 40 541 3 0 13.5 6
Outlook: The other half of the TE connection in Indy. Both are good for a handful of TD receptions.
14. L.J. Smith, Phi 27 321 1 0 11.9 5
Outlook: The second-year man from Rutgers stands as a budding star in Philly. Owens will pull the double-team and open things underneath for Smith.
15. Bubba Franks, GB 30 241 4 0 8.0 3
Outlook: You just gotta find Bubba. His TDs were down in '03, but he stands as one of Favre's favorite targets. If the wide receivers continue to develop, there will be lots of space for Franks to roam.
16. Jason Witten, Dal 35 347 1 0 9.9 4
Outlook: The TE is important to Parcells' offense. Remember Bavaro? Well, Witten will be a star in this scheme.
17. Billy Miller, Hou 40 355 3 0 8.9 4
Outlook: Forty catches is just the start for young Miller. He's a key to Carr's success.
18. Desmond Clark, Chi 44 433 2 0 9.8 5
Outlook: Grossman will need to utilize the TE position. In the new offensive system, Clark stands to post big numbers.
19. Mikhael Ricks, NYJ 37 434 2 0 11.7 4
Outlook: The veteran TE joins the Jets offense alongside a couple of big playmakers.
20. Daniel Graham, NE 38 409 4 1 11.7 10
Outlook: Shuffled down based on his penchant for dropping passes in big games. Watch how training camp develops.
21. Jim Kleinsasser, Min 46 401 4 0 8.7 9
Outlook: Now a true TE, Kleinsasser doesn't get cheated on any reception. You gotta love a guy who puts his head down for an extra half-yard.
22. Matt Schobel, Cin 24 332 2 0 13.8 5
Outlook: The TE is a new QB's greatest friend. Palmer will rely heavily on Schobel as he gets his sea legs.
23. Anthony Becht, NYJ 40 356 4 0 8.9 10
Outlook: Hurt somewhat by the addition of Ricks, but he'll still pull in his share of balls.
24. Jed Weaver, Den 35 437 1 0 12.5 10
Outlook: Leaves 49ers after one year and heads to Denver. They reprogrammed Plummer to use the TE last year, but will that change without the great Sharpe?
25. Ken Dilger, TB 22 244 1 0 11.1 8
Outlook: Not quite the option he once was, he'll battle Gruden favorite Rickey Dudley for catches.
26. Jay Riemersma, Pit 10 138 1 0 13.8 7
Outlook: His totals were down in 2003 after a strong start to the season. Cowher is counting on him to be a bigger part of the offense in '04.
27. Eric Johnson, SF 4
Outlook: He missed a season due to injury, but the TE is an important part of the 49ers system. He may see a handful of TDs.
28. Kyle Brady, Jac 29 281 1 0 9.7 9
Outlook: Still a viable receiver, he'll nab 30-40 balls this year. Leftwich will count on the veteran to help as they break in the young receiving corps.
29. Teyo Johnson, Oak 14 128 1 0 9.1 10
Outlook: Johnson is a great athlete who should see the field more in 2004. He still will battle Doug Jolley at the position, but with Rice and Brown aging, Norv Turner will work in the former Stanford standout.
30. Mark Campbell, Buf 34 339 1 0 10 3
Outlook: Mularkey will strip the offense back and rebuild it from scratch. The first order of business is to hit the TE.