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Greg Jackson Game Plans Take Longer Than 3 Days to Prepare: Fan Reaction

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Greg Jackson stated his case to Ariel Helwani on "The MMA Hour" show. During the 22 minute interview, Jackson explained his position and gave reasons for why he continues to defend how his team decided that fighting Chael Sonnen at UFC 151 on eight days notice was a bad idea.

I've lost admiration for Jon Jones because he is unwilling to face an opponent without having a carefully orchestrated game plan in place -- no unrehearsed performances for Team Jackson.

Greg Jackson: 'Three Days' Notice Is Not Reasonable' video

Obviously, no fighter enters the octagon without a carefully thought out approach for how to defeat his opponent. So, how long does it take to prepare a game plan?

With so much experience available at Camp Jackson, how long would it take to watch film on Chael Sonnen and formulate a strategy to defeat him?

Apparently, in this case, more than three days. Greg Jackson mentioned that fighters rest, relax and handle media responsibilities in the final days leading up to the fight.

In my opinion, Jon Jones has enough fight experience and talent to come up with his own preliminary game plan to review with his coaches. But that's my view, from the outside looking in.

I tried to listen with an open mind to Coach Jackson's explanation for why he discouraged UFC Champion, Jon Jones, to turn down the fight with Chael Sonnen.

I'm still not convinced.

Out of 22 minutes, all I can hear is Jackson saying, "...not enough time to put together a game plan."

Both fighters were given the same "surprise" at the same time. Chael had the more difficult position since he was the one "getting off the couch" to prepare for the opportunity to face Jon Jones at UFC 151.

Bisping and Belfort offer their opinions

Meanwhile, Vitor Belfort is unperturbed and ready to go. Addressing Bas Rutten on AXSTV's "Inside MMA", Vitor said, "We're the type of fighters who fight everyday in the gym. Taking this fight on short notice and moving up in division...I thank God for the opportunity, Dana White, Lorenzo, the fans. I'm healthy...I'll bring competition at the highest level."

Bro! We Are Old School Guys! - Inside MMA video

Michael Bisping, who faces Brian Stann at UFC 152, said he thought Chael Sonnen was an easier fight than Dan Henderson, adding that he was "quite puzzled as to why [Jones] wouldn't take the fight." video

Is Jon Jones a fan favorite?

As a conversation starter, people often ask me which fighters I like best.

Jones is no longer on my list of favorite fighters. That doesn't mean that I'll bash him or complain about him. It doesn't mean that I won't cheer for him. It just means that I probably won't go out of my way to stand up for him. I'll still admire him because he is tremendously gifted.

How To Perform Jon Jones' "Power Guillotine": Gracie Breakdown video

At this point, all that's left is to accept what happened--a UFC event was cancelled for the first time in UFC history--and move on. I plan to watch the fight, but, as a fan, I don't feel as connected to Jon Jones as I did before all this happened.

I look forward to seeing the game plan Camp Jackson has developed for UFC 152: Jones vs Belfort on September 22.

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