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Green Bay Packers Shouldn’t Panic Despite 2-3 Record: Fan’s Take

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Don't panic.

Some Green Bay Packers fans are beginning to worry following a 30-27 loss to the Indianapolis Colts on October 7, 2012. With a 2-3 record, the Packers have lost more games than they did in 2011. The Packers finished that season with a 15-2 record. This includes their playoff loss to the New York Giants.

What does a 2-3 record mean? Other than a small chance at home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, it shouldn't mean much. There's no reason to believe that these struggles will continue. This slow start doesn't require any panicking.


The Packers have faced some bizarre scenarios that no team would've coveted. They lost one game on a Hail Mary touchdown reception that they clearly intercepted. They lost another game to a team who was playing their first game since their head coach was diagnosed with leukemia.

These peculiarities won't happen every week. The Packers just need to weather the storm from here on out.

Flashback I: 2009

The Packers started the 2011-12 NFL season with 13 consecutive victories. Before they lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, they had won 19 straight games. What's often forgotten is that this team started slowly in the two seasons before that.

The Packers started the 2009-10 season with a 4-4 record. They just lost to a winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers team (0-8). The Minnesota Vikings had established their dominance in the NFC North. For the Packers, their hope was to clinch one of two wild-card berths.

The Packers won seven of their final eight games. They started that stretch with a win against the Dallas Cowboys (6-2). The Packers' only loss was on a last-second pass against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Packers lost to the Arizona Cardinals in a NFC Wild Card game.

Flashback II: 2010

The Packers started the 2010-11 season with a 3-3 record. They had lost two straight overtime games. The Miami Dolphins had just upset them at Lambeau Field. To avoid falling below .500, the Packers had to win a road game against a New York Jets team who had a 5-1 record.

The Packers beat the Jets, 9-0. This started a four-game win streak. They finished the season with a 10-6 record. The Packers clinched a wild-card berth when they won their final two regular-season games. They finished their season with a Super Bowl championship.

New York Giants

The New York Giants started the 2007-08 season with a 0-2 record. They were outscored 80-48 in those games. The Giants started the 2011-12 season with a 7-7 record. During a six-game stretch, they had lost five of last six games.

What do both teams have in common? Slow starts. Beat the Packers in January. Super Bowl champions.


There's no reason to panic. The Packers have plenty of time to turn things around. After their game against the Houston Texans, they have three consecutive games against the St. Louis Rams, Jacksonville Jaguars and Arizona Cardinals. Those are all winnable games.

Joshua Huffman graduated from Middle Tennessee State University as a marketing major in 2009. He's been a Middle Tennessee resident from 1986-88 and 2001-present. He lived in the Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin from 1988-01 and for approximately eight months in 2009-10 as he completed a 20-game volunteer position with the USHL's Green Bay Gamblers. His favorite sports organizations include the Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, Nashville Predators and Tennessee Titans. He can be found on Twitter HERE.

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