Great Warm Weather Hiking Spots Located in Southwest Ohio

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Are you planning on vacationing in Southwest Ohio this summer? Well then, you may want to consider bringing your hiking boots, binoculars and buy spray along. That's because the region is home to many great hiking spots. Here's a brief rundown on a few of them:

East Fork State Park

East Fork State Park is located in Clermont County. It features more than 32 miles of warm weather trails suitable for hiking endeavors. I'd recommend that hikers consider exploring the 32-mile long Steven Newman Worldwalker Perimeter Trail. In my opinion, it provides an excellent overview of the park. The downside is that it is a multi-use trail. Flora hikers are apt to encounter in the area include purple coneflower and white oak trees.

Great Seal State Park

Great Seal State Park is located in Ross County. It features 23 miles of multi-use trails that are suitable for hikers. Trails that offer interesting views include Mt. Ives, Sand Hill and Sugarloaf Mountain. The use of sturdy hiking boots and binoculars are strongly recommended. The park is also a great spot to catch sight of American kestrels, canvas-backed ducks and red-tail hawks.

Shawnee State Park

Shawnee State Park is located in Scioto County. It features more than 13 miles of trails. The park's trail system also connects to the Shawnee Forest Trail System. Trails I'd recommend include the Shawnee Backpack Trail, the Buckeye Trail and the Knighton Nature Trail. Hikers should wear boots and keep an eye out for stinging nettles. Area highlights include Turkey Creek Lake, Bear Lake and Roosevelt Lake.

Cowan Lake State Park

Cowan Lake State Park is located in Clinton County. It features more than 4 miles of warm weather trails. I'd suggest that future botanists consider taking the 0.7 mile long Lotus Cove Trail. It features access to an amazing patch of water lilies that shouldn't be missed. In my opinion, the best time to see the lilies are in the early morning. Additional park highlights include Cowan Creek, Cowan Lake and Austin Island.

John Bryan State Park

John Bryan State Park is located in Greene County. It features more than 9 miles of trails, many of which are geared towards hikers. Its trail system also connects to the Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve. I'd suggest casual trekkers consider taking the 1.3 mile long Pittsburgh-Cincinnati Stagecoach Trail. It follows the Little Miami River and crosses over a foot bridge. Trekkers seeking to break a sweat should consider exploring the 1.2 mile long South Gorge Trail instead.

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