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With Great Uncertainty, the New York Mets Bank on the Future

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COMMENTARY | When the New York Jets traded away Darrelle Revis, their star cornerback, they did so because they didn't want to pay him the kind of money that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ultimately ended up giving him -- a non-guaranteed $96 million over six years.

The Jets also know that they're not going to win in 2013, and therefore, they brought back the No. 13 pick in the draft. The best cornerback in two decades is gone on the hope that the move will pay off in the future.

But as much as we might like to think that we have some control over future events, or in the sports world, that we can predict events with some certainty, the fact remains that we don't know what's going to take place in tonight's game, never mind what will occur years from now.

From the Jets to the New York Mets.

When the Mets traded R.A. Dickey last December, they attempted to justify the trade of their ace pitcher, who had won 20 games and the Cy Young Award in 2012, by bringing back Travis d'Arnaud and Noah Syndergaard, two of the top prospects in baseball, along with John Buck, a veteran catcher. Wuilmer Becera, a minor league outfielder, also came to the Mets.

Buck has been great for the Mets so far this season. Syndergaard won't find his way to Citi Field until 2014 at the earliest. We'll wait and see on Becera.

But it's d'Arnaud who has gotten most of the attention since the trade this winter. That's because he's one of the top prospects in baseball, and because the way he hits reminds people of Mike Piazza.

But there's one problem: d'Arnaud has been somewhat injury prone throughout his minor league career. That trend continued last week when he fractured his foot while playing for Triple-A Las Vegas. D'Arnaud is expected to miss up to two months.

It's a good thing Buck has been so good. D'Arnaud seemed to be on a fast track to Queens. That train has been delayed.

Though I was originally against trading Dickey, it was tough to argue with what the Mets got back in return. I can accept the trade, but this is the problem with banking on the future. You really don't know what you're going to get.

This is not to say that it was a bad trade. It's just time to exercise a bit of caution. And while doing so, hope for the best.

Just like the Jets will hope for the best from their first-round selections tonight. That's really all you can do.

Charles Costello has followed the Mets closely since the rookie years of Darryl Strawberry (1983) and Dwight Gooden (1984). He was a beat reporter assigned to cover the Mets during the 1997 and 1998 seasons.

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