Great Ice Fishing Spots Located in Eastern Pennsylvania

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Eastern Pennsylvania is a great place to go ice fishing. There are many ice fishing destinations located in the area to choose from. Oftentimes, some of the best spots to go ice fishing are located in the region's state parks. Park admission is typically free and many of the spots are devoid of large crowds. With that said, here's a quick look at several ice fishing spots worth visiting:

Promised Land State Park

Promised Land State Park is located in Pike County. There are two lakes on premise. Ice anglers looking to secure themselves a trout dinner should head for the 173-acre Lower Lake. It's the only one of the two that's stocked with three species of trout. The 422-acre Promised Land Lake is home to winter bass, muskies, perch, pickerel and sunnies. Catfish are also on offer. Picnic tables and restrooms are located onsite.

Beltzville State Park

Beltzville State Park is located in Carbon County. It features a 949-acre lake. In my experience, the best place to access the lake is from Pohopoco Drive. Fish on offer include trout, bass, perch, muskies and walleye. Ice boating is also permissible. Picnic tables and restrooms are located onsite.

Gouldsboro State Park

Gouldsboro State Park is partially located in Monroe County. It features a 250-acre lake that is suitable for ice fishing. Oftentimes, the best places to park are Lot 4 and Lot 5. While there, ice anglers may expect to find fallfish, suckers, walleye, bass and pickerel living in the lake. Other species of fish that call Gouldsboro Lake home include muskies, perch, crappie, sunnies and catfish. Restrooms, charcoal grills and picnic tables are available onsite.

Mount Pisgah State Park

Mount Pisgah State Park is partially located in Bradford County. It features a 75-acre lake that is best accessed from the west. Ample parking and restrooms are available onsite. Fish living in the lake include bluegill, bass, crappie and perch. Snowmobiling is also permissible within the confines of the park. Some of the snowmobiling trails are located near the lake. As such, anglers may want to consider bringing their sleds along.

Lackawanna State Park

Lackawanna State Park features a 198-acre lake that is suitable for ice fishing. The park is located in Lackawanna County. Ice anglers should take note that fishing is only permissible in select areas. Part of the ice is reserved for ice skaters. Fish on offer in Lackawanna Lake include trout, bass, perch, pickerel and walleye. There are charcoal grills, picnic tables and restrooms available on premise.

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