Gray Maynard Defeats Clay Guida: Immediate UFC on FX 4 Fan Reaction

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In the main event of UFC on FX 4, former lightweight title challenger Gray Maynard took on former title contender Clay Guida. Maynard was last seen in the Octagon losing to Frankie Edgar via KO in the fourth round of their title fight. It was the first official loss in the career of Maynard, so he needed to come into the fight with Guida with a different mindset than he has for any other fight. Guida was last seen losing to Benson Henderson in a fight that cost him a chance at the lightweight title and was looking to move back up the rankings in the stacked division.

First Round

The fan favorite Guida came straight at Maynard and almost immediately drew some blood after landing strikes to his face. Maynard maintained his position in the center of the Octagon for most of the round, but there was no major strike landed from either side.

My scorecard: Guida 10-9, but was a toss-up round.

Second Round

Maynard continued to stay in the center of the Octagon throughout the round and the "Bully" began to get more comfortable with his strikes. He landed some powerful strikes to Guida, but both fighters still seemed tentative about moving in too quickly. Guida had problems in the round getting close to Maynard and loses the round.

My scorecard: Maynard 10-9

Third Round

Just like the previous rounds, Maynard spent most of the round in the center of the cage, essentially chasing Guida around. Maynard was frustrated with Guida's constant "running away," which could have been dangerous, but Guida seemed too worried about running to attempt any strikes.

My scorecard: Maynard 10-9 (On my level of boredom from 1-to-10, this is a 100 thanks to Guida)

Fourth Round

Instead of talking about the round, I looked at the exciting tweets that came through my feed during the round since I was getting bored watching.

Dana White said, "First time I have ever seen Guida get boo'd out of the building. I am booing too!!"

Thiago Goncalves said, "Thanks Guida! This one of the worst fights I've ever seen! / Obrigado Guida, essa é uma das piores lutas que eu já vi! #UFConFX"

Nick Yidiaris said, "Who knew Gray Maynard moved to Stockton?"

According to what the announcing crew was saying at the end of the round, I guess Guida won.

Fifth Round

More of the same in the final round from Guida, so I'm just giving the round to Maynard because Guida ran too much. If the referee has to warn you to stop running around the cage, then that is a major problem.

Official Decision: Gray Maynard via split decision

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