Good morning, let the NBA schedule outrage flow

Tom Ziller

That and more in Wednesday's NBA newsletter.


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Good morning. Let's basketball.

SCHEDULE PARTY: The NBA will release its full 2014-15 schedule at 6 p.m. ET with a special airing on NBA TV. It's the dead of August, so you're allowed to get excited to find out on which dates the games you already know will happen will fall on. Early leaks indicate that -- surprise! -- LeBron will return to Miami on Christmas Day.

Among the outrages you can expect to partake in: the number of national TV games the Lakers and Knicks get, the number of national TV games the Raptors, Wizards, Suns and Hornets get, some little pretty team getting left off of the Christmas slate, some small deviance in the number of road back-to-backs some particular team ends up with.

DING DONG, MOTHERBUBBLER: Donald Sterling is gone. Like gone gone. But No. 2 Bigot Shelly Sterling remains in the picture, now as the Clippers' official No. 1 fan. This is a problem.

Doc Rivers is understandably relieved. Woj reports he and Steve Ballmer will start talking about a contract extension soon.

THE ANNALS OF UNFORTUNATE HEADLINES: I wrote Tuesday morning that no one should take Greg Monroe's threat to sign the qualifying offer seriously. Later, word broke that Monroe's camp has informed the Pistons he will sign the qualifying offer. I will now cautiously point out that he still hasn't actually gone through with it, according to what we know. It could still in theory be a bluff. So don't dance over me just yet.

Of course, Eric Bledsoe is now threatening to do the same thing. I remain skeptical. Even though the two sides aren't speaking.

END THE GIMMICKS: Sarah Kogod makes the case that instead of creating an all-women sports show as a gimmick, the sporting TV networks should focus on adding female talent to existing shows.

MUSIC TIME: Pharrell was tabbed with compiling the soundtrack for NBA 2K15. He put together a pretty good mix. We put together a Spotify playlist of the tracks and pointed out how many NBA fans like OneRepublic.

WHAT A SUPER EXTREME DUI GETS YOU: A three-game suspension. That doesn't really feel like enough.

YEAR OF THE BROW: Hot little SLAM! piece on Anthony Davis, by Adam Figman.

SEEMS LEGIT: No current NBA star has had less help than Kevin Love.

WOW: Before the 2012-13 season, the Pacers apparently tried to trade Roy Hibbert for JaVale McGee, and the Nuggets said no.

CLICK NOW: Dikembe Mutombo and Amir Johnson dancing in South Africa.

CLUB VS. COUNTRY: Interesting angle on the Team USA debate.

ALWAYS THE BEST: The August issue of The Toast's Dad Magazine.

Happy Wednesday. See you next time.


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