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Golfers Have Become Better Athletes: A Fan's Perspective

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There was a time when golfers were considered slackers in the realm of the sports world. While football, basketball, and baseball players have always been forced to participate in a rigid regimen of extreme physical activity, golfers traditionally enjoyed a more leisurely approach to their sport. Long relaxing vacations, and hot afternoons spent inside a cool clubhouse was their answer to appropriate game preparedness…not anymore.

Pro golf players have discovered that proper exercise can add strength to their drives, and accuracy to their puts. Most pros now consult with physical fitness trainers that help them get the most out of their bodies. Low intensity and high intensity training play a big part in the golfer's performance.

The back, upper body and hips are subjected to tremendous force during a drive off the tee. Over the past few decades, the difference that proper exercise can make to players driving ability and final score have become evident. Another benefit is the ability to have a longer career.

Tiger Woods discovered long ago the benefits of good exercise, but he is not too keen on sharing particulars. He guards his workout routine closer than the Pentagon guards military secrets, and with good reason. Due in part to his disciplined regimen, Woods has become one of the greatest players of all time. The details of Tiger's routine may be kept in a vault, but he has shared some of the main ingredients of his recipe.

Some of the more important aspects of his routine involve manual therapy, high-rep weight training, posture and balance training, and a cardio-vascular workout. Working with bands and cables, Tiger participates in resistance training as well. The resistance phase helps give him the strength to drive the ball farther and with more control. Tiger takes training seriously. It is not a one or two day a week event for him. Six days a week is his general rule of thumb.

Johnson Wagner is another good example of the benefits of exercise. Since working with a personal trainer from North Carolina Wagner has lost 15 pounds and says, he has better strength and flexibility. The truth of his statement can be seen by his victory at the Sony Open.

The day of the soft bellied, clubhouse-oriented golfer is past. The new breed is hard as nails and conditioned to be the best that they can be, and the game is all the better for it.


Golf is the major summer time sport here in Northeast Harbor. I've played each year here for the past decade. When I lived in Georgia, I had the opportunity to be a spectator at two of the Augusta championships.

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