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Golfer Injured by Golf Club: A Fan's Take

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One of the things I have always liked about golf is that it is a non-violent game. You ride the caddy up and down the green; shoot the breeze with your friends, play your holes and go home smiling. There is no need to worry about someone tackling you from behind like a freight train and breaking half the bones in your body. Apprehension about a hockey puck being lodged in your throat after knocking your teeth out is a rare concern, and I can't remember the last time a golfer was beaned with a baseball. However, it seems like there is always someone ready to take the game to the next level.

The latest attempt at a more spirited and action accentuated game of golf occurred at a golf resort at Eagle Mountain Lake near Fort Worth Texas; when a group of three golfers wanted to play through on the 13th hole. The four players ahead of them apparently objected and a fight broke out.

The altercation ended abruptly when the sharp end of a broken golf club found its way into the groin of one of the players, rupturing his femoral artery. A call to 911 brought responders to the scene in time to save the man's life and he is now recovering at home.

Neither the injured golfer, nor any of his family is making comment on the incident; that is understandable. The embarrassment of relating how a graphite golf club was stuck in your groin would be worse than the injury. There is an ongoing investing by the Tarrant County Sherriff's Department as to whether the impalement was accidental or intended.

Either way, the situation could have been avoided with a little understanding and following the unwritten rules of proper golf etiquette by the involved parties. There is always going to be a difference in speed by players on the course. The best way to keep the blood pressure down and avoid having to put from the groin, is to relax and accept that everyone plays at a different pace.


Golf is the major summer time sport here in Northeast Harbor. I've played each year here for the past decade. When I lived in Georgia, I had the opportunity to be a spectator at two of the Augusta championships.

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