Golf Course Overview: Brickshire Golf Club (Front Nine)

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Brickshire Golf Club is a par 72 course located in Providence Forge, Virginia. It was designed by Curtis Strange and features five sets of tees ranging from 5,151 yards up to 7,291 yards. What follows is an overview of the front nine of the golf course for those who may be interested in playing it for the first time. Note: yardages are from the blue tees.

Hole 1 Par 4 360 Yards

A straightaway hole that features fairway bunkers down the left side and trees down the right side. The approach into the green is open with only a lone bunker to the far left. The green itself slopes from right to left off of a large mound.

Hole 2 Par 4 400 Yards

This hole has a slight bend to the right off of the tee, with fairway bunkers on both sides, and it is about 225 yards to carry the ones on the right and 260 yards to reach the one on the left. Greenside bunkers guard the green short right and long left, with the green sloping back to front with two mounds to watch out for middle and front left.

Hole 3 Par 5 495 Yards

This hole provides a good chance at making birdie if played correctly. The tee shot is slightly uphill, with fairways bunkers to the left and open fairway to the right. The second shot is severely downhill and features two fairway bunkers in the middle and one on the left side. The green slopes generally from back to front, and there are two greenside bunkers on the right side.

Hole 4 Par 3 160 Yards

A difficult uphill hole where more club will generally be needed than usual. There is a series of bunkers short and left of the hole, with the green having a mound in the back right to look out for.

Hole 5 Par 4 420 Yards

The tee shot is downhill on this hole and it features a slight bend to the right, with a fairway bunker left and trees all down the right side that must be avoided. The second shot is slightly downhill into a green that has a mound in the middle left of it, along with a greenside bunker short left and middle right.

Hole 6 Par 4 239 Yards

This is a fun hole to play, as it can be reached with a fairway wood if there is no wind in play but it must be accurate, as there are fairway bunkers all around. It takes about a 225 yard carry to get over them into a green that is fairly flat.

Hole 7 Par 4 410 Yards

A straightaway hole that features a fairway bunker left off of the tee and open fairway to the right. For the second shot there are two greenside bunkers short right and two to the left, with the green sloping generally from right to left.

Hole 8 Par 3 165 Yards

This hole is slightly downhill, with bunkers short, short right, and long left. The green has a valley located on the left side of the green, and slopes from back to front.

Hole 9 Par 5 540 Yards

A good birdie opportunity is available with a solid tee shot. The tee shot is uphill for the first 200 yards or so but then goes downhill, allowing for long drives, with fairway bunkers on the left side to watch out for. The second shot features trees to the right along with bunkers short and long left of the green. The green itself has a valley in the back center, which really turns it into a two-tiered green that requires one to get the ball on the correct side in order to avoid a difficult putt.

Total: Par 36 3,189 Yards

Ryan Kekoufski is a scratch golfer who has both played and watched the sport for over a decade and currently runs The Yips Blog, a blog dedicated solely to the game of golf. He covers sports for the Yahoo! Contributor Network, and currently resides in Virginia.

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