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Golden State Warriors: The Curious Case of Andris Biedrins: A Fan's Take

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Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson sat down for a Q&A with a number of Bay Area media members yesterday to discuss the upcoming season for my hometown team. The former point guard was pretty candid in his responses, and you can read the majority of the interview here.

But the main point that caught my eye was the fact that out of the 15 players on the roster, 14 are together in Oakland, playing and practicing. Only one person is missing: a seven-footer with a passion for hair gel.

This made me mysef ask two questions: Where exactly is Andris Biedrins? And should we even care?

In my previous postings, I have never been shy about my lukewarm feelings for the big Latvian. I just don't think that he's good enough, and that he hasn't been for a very long time. I also don't think that it would be going out on a limb to suggest that this is the general consensus of my fellow Warrior fans.

It's probably pretty safe to say that Biedrins is overseas getting ready for the season, but I just can't see him being a part of Jackson's plans at all in 2012-2013. And apparently, Jackson can't either. Rookie Festus Ezeli has essentially been named the backup center, and if starter Andrew Bogut isn't ready for the first game of the year October 31st in Phoenix against the Suns, it appears that Biedrins won't even be in the running to be the main big man out on the floor.

Of course much can change before the start of the regular season, but when 14 players are working together to better learn Jackson's system, and not to mention the fact that they're building chemistry, it just seems difficult to see where Biedrins will fit in.

So to answer my questions from above: Where is he, and should we care? Unfortunately, it seems like the answer to both is, "it doesn't really matter."

The last remaining member of the "We Believe" team is officially irrelevant - which, I think, is going to be a good thing for the 2012-2013 Golden State Warriors.


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