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Golden Boy & Al Haymon Clip 50 Cent's First SMS Bout? Sign of the Battle Ahead?

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COMMENTARY | Be careful of the enemies you make in life. No matter how big and strong you are, making the wrong enemies will always come back to hurt you. Don't expect for a second that those who've felt your lash aren't waiting to strike back at you when you least expect it.

When 50 Cent issued some dismissive tweets aimed at Oscar De la Hoya, questioning the ex-fighter's sexuality, the smiling founder of Golden Boy Promotions and former six-division world champ opted not to return fire.

When a play was made to lure Floyd Mayweather away from adviser, Al Haymon and unofficial promotional partner, Golden Boy, neither of the affected parties made a public statement in response. Apparently, the attempted power play led to the highly-publicized end of the Mayweather-50 Cent friendship, but neither Golden Boy nor Haymon said a thing.

However, when 50 Cent's fighter and IBF featherweight champ, Billy Dib, found himself scheduled to make his debut under the SMS Promotions banner on a card partially-promoted by Golden Boy, the rapper's enemies just may have opted to return fire.

Originally invited by Miguel Cotto's promotional company to be part of the December 1st Madison Square Garden Cotto-Austin Trout card, Dib was set to face Cotto's undefeated 126 lb. prospect, Jayson Velez, on the Showtime-televised undercard. 50 Cent even went so far as to announced the bout via his official Twitter account.

Of course, none of this made any sense after seeing all of the shots recently fired at Golden Boy and Haymon. Why would a Golden Boy-promoted card with an Al Haymon fighter (Trout) in the main event feature SMS Promotions' debut bout?

Well, today it was officially announced that Dib was pulled off the televised undercard and would not be a part of the show at all. There are a couple of reasons why this may have happened-- One being that Australia's Dib completely stunk up the joint in his last American showing, on the Bernard Hopkins-Kelly Pavlik undercard. The other reason, though, is a little more plausible-- Someone, somewhere simply didn't want Dib on that card and had enough muscle to get him thrown off.

Dib's attorney, Adam Houda, appears to support the idea that his client was pushed from the card by someone with an axe to grind.

"My client @TheRealBillyDib will not be fighting Dec 1 NY," Houda wrote via Twitter. "It appears Billy has been caught in the cross-fire of boxing politics."

Some may say that Dib, despite his world champ status, is not a star and really isn't that important to the overall success of SMS Promotions. Being showcased on such a big card may have helped build his name a bit, but the company isn't going to live or die based on what a relatively unknown featherweight can bring to the table.

The real issue is that 50 Cent may be in for some major problems if Golden Boy and Haymon hold a serious grudge and work to freeze the rapper and his clients out of the game. They certainly have enough power to do so and, after the insulting words thrown at them and the attempt to lure Mayweather away, they also have the motive.

SMS would just be left with Bob Arum when it comes to potential allies, but they have to know that a partnership with Arum will be a one-sided alliance with SMS fighters being funneled on to Top Rank cards and fighting mostly for the benefit of Arum. 50 Cent would get some exposure and keep his fighters working, but he wouldn't even be a half-step closer to running a fully functional company.

Time will tell whether Golden Boy and/or Al Haymon hold a grudge. If they do, 50 Cent and SMS Promotions will have a monumental uphill battle ahead of them.


Paul Magno was a licensed official in the state of Michoacan, Mexico and a close follower of the sport for more than thirty years. His work can also be found on Fox Sports and The Boxing Tribune. In the past, Paul has done work for Inside Fights, The Queensberry Rules and Eastside Boxing.



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