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As a child I was Coo-Coo for Cocoa Puffs.

As a Carolina Panthers fan I am now giddy 'bout Gettis.

After a strong rookie season in 2010, Carolina Panthers wide receiver David Gettis missed the entire 2011 season due to a torn ACL. My hope is that Gettis is now fully healed and ready to have an explosive 2012.

After all, if the 2012 version of David Gettis can be the same guy who in 2010 broke Nate Clements' ankles and burned the Baltimore Ravens secondary for an explosive 88-yard touchdown, Gettis could potentially provide the Panthers with the legitimate Number 2 receiver they have been missing since Muhsin Muhammad.

David Gettis' Strong 2010 Rookie Season

The statistical numbers David Gettis produced as a rookie in 2010 were solid - 37 receptions, 508 yards, and three touchdowns, placing him among the Top-5 rookie receivers that year.

But Gettis' productivity as a rookie is even more impressive when you consider the circumstances under which he played. The entire Panthers franchise was a mess in 2010, thanks in large part to a coaching staff that knew it would be fired after the season and one of the worst quarterback depth charts in recent NFL history.

For those of you who may not remember how chaotic 2010 was for David Gettis and the rest of the Carolina offense, here is a quiz:

Which of the following people did not complete a pass to David Gettis in 2010:

A) Jimmy Clausen - Notre Dame

B) Matt Moore - Undrafted

C) Brian St. Pierre - Stay-at-Home Dad

D) Uncle Rico - Napoleon Dynamite

E) Tony Pike - Cincinnati

The answer is D) Uncle Rico, but if you watch this clip of Uncle Rico's throwing motion, my gut tells me he could have played QB for the 2010 Panthers and Carolina's offense would not have been any worse than it turned out to be.

Despite the terrible circumstances and catching passes from FOUR(!!) different quarterbacks in 2010, David Gettis' 508 receiving yards were good enough for the third-highest output by a rookie in Panthers history, trailing only Keary Colbert (754) and Rae Carruth (545). Now let's just hope Gettis' career turns out to be better than those of Colbert and Carruth. (Ahem, ahem.)

The Panthers Need a Good Number 2

Oh grow up! Stop your snickering. It's true - the Panthers need a good Number 2.

A good Number 2 wide receiver, that is. (What did you think I was talking about?)

The nightmare of 2010 is now long gone, vanquished in 2011 by Cam Newton and offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski. Carolina now has the system and most of the parts in place for an explosive offensive in 2012, but one key piece they are still missing is a solid Number 2 receiver.

Steve Smith continues to be one of the best receivers in the NFL, constantly drawing double teams and attention from the defense. Pairing a strong wide receiver opposite Steve Smith causes headaches for defenses which have to "pick their poison", allowing a solid Number 2 receiver to go nuts like Muhsin Muhammad did in 2008 - 65 receptions, 923 yards, and five TD's.

But Muhsin Muhammad ain't walking through that door.

So who is the Number 2 in Carolina? Brandon LaFell has been good but failed to definitively seize the Number 2 job in 2011 despite having a golden opportunity to do so. Legedu Naanee wasn't the answer. Armanti Edwards didn't pan out as a receiving option. Kealoha Pilares didn't catch a pass as a rookie last year.

What in the name of Seyi Ajirotutu is going on here?

The door is wide open for David Gettis.

As a Panthers fan, I hope he walks through it in 2012. Gettis' strong rookie season and the improved Carolina offense in 2012 make me hopeful that he can.

In fact, I'm gettin' giddy just thinking about it.

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