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Georgia Football: Top 25 Reasons Bulldogs Fans Dislike Georgia Tech

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When it comes to football at the University of Georgia, Bulldogs fans have no bigger rival than Georgia Tech.

So as the season approaches, I thought we could reflect on reasons to hate the Yellow Jackets. Please remember that these are fully tongue in cheek and meant to be fun. Some Techies will still produce an algorithm to find the secret meaning behind it all.

25 Reasons To Hate Georgia Tech:

1. Yellow Jackets: What an appropriate mascot. They are a pain if you don't see them coming, but easily squashed if you do.

2. Ramblin' Wreck: They actually sing about this. Their fight song might as well be "I'm a broken toaster."

3. New Orleans Saints colors: Black, white and gold? Just the shame of it all.

4. 109 and counting: This is one of the oldest rivalries in college football. That means our grandfather's grandfather had to put up with Techies, too.

5. 222-0:

In 1916, Georgia Tech forced Cumberland to play a football game, even though Cumberland had discontinued its football program. In usual humble Tech fashion, it ran up the score 222-0. And Tech fans are still proud of it.

6. Keith Brooking

: Speaking of class, I still blame Tech for Keith Brooking's lack of class after leaving the Atlanta Falcons. This one may just be for me, though.

7. Ramblin' Wreck part II: In the Tech fight song, there is actually a line that says, "To Hell with Georgia". Not only is its hate focused at one team, it would seem its blames the entire state for its woes. Someone needs a hug.

8. 31-70-5

: This is Georgia Tech's record against Georgia. You would not be able to discern this by speaking to a Tech fan.

9. U(sic) GA:

This would be a Techie's attempt at humor and implies that Georgia fans are borderline illiterate. The notation (sic) is used to notify a reader that a misspelling was unaltered due to the original source. Ahem. You know. Just in case some were wondering.

10. Engineers: It's in that darn Ramblin' toaster song, and some Tech fans still refer to themselves as the Engineers. But to tell you the truth, I have yet to meet a single Tech fan that can drive a train.

11. 56,680: That is the largest home crowd ever at Georgia Tech's Bobby Dodd Stadium. If there were only 56,680 fans in the seats during a game at Sanford Stadium, that would mean the line for the restroom would be over 36,000 people long.

12. 16-team playoff: Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson believes that there should be a 16-team playoff. I would suppose that being ranked at 16 might be the team's highest aspiration.

13. 1999 "fumble": Apparently being down doesn't matter when playing Tech. Just ask Jasper Sanks' knees.

14. 65-55:

Georgia graduated 65 percent of its football players, as opposed to 55 percent from Georgia Tech. You would never know this speaking to a Georgia Tech fan.

15.Ramblin' Wreck III: Do you realize that, while Georgia Tech fans boast about their academics, they misspell the first word in their own fight song?

16. Paul Johnson:

Paul Johnson left Navy and brought his ingenious offense with him. Too bad his ship did not set sail.

17. My brother, Tony: My brother, Tony, knows everything about Georgia Tech and his disdain for UGA is a non-stop topic of conversation. If a Bulldogs fan ever needs one more reason to hate Georgia Tech, you have my permission to use my brother, Tony.

18. 2008:

Georgia Tech handed Georgia an upset loss between the hedges. Not exactly a "Remember the Alamo" moment, but still bugs me.

19.Ramblin' Wreck IV: Georgia Tech is very proud of this annoying song's history as shown here. Yet even they are aware of its cheesegrater-on-toenails-like effect. Need proof? On the same page as the song's history, this is the audio link they provide. Not the same song. OK, I am done with song.

20. Atlanta traffic:

No, Georgia Tech is not the cause of Atlanta traffic. But it does force us to leave the scenic roads of North Georgia just to be ensnared in Atlanta's horrendous traffic. All that to get to its tiny stadium.

21. They live among us:

Tech fans hide in the shadows until something goes wrong for UGA. Then, they swarm like someone kicked their beehive and spend the next few days buzzing in your ear.

22. 1893:

Georgia Tech won the first meeting way back in 1893. And no matter how many times we beat the Yellow Jackets, they will not let you forget.

23. John Heisman: Remember the classless stomping of Cumberland in 1916? Heisman was Georgia Tech's coach at the time. Now, we get a yearly reminder.

24. SEC vs ACC:

While Georgia stares down some of the best teams in the NCAA trying to get to the SEC championships, Georgia Tech just plans for UGA.

25. They hate you: That is right, UGA fans. Georgia Tech fans are not fond of you. Hard to believe, but true. Might as well hate them back.

Christopher Beheler is a Georgia native and life long Bulldogs fan.

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