Georgia Baseball Dads Duke it Out During a Little League Game

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Charles Davidson, 38, of Midland, Georgia, and Iram King, 36, of Catula, Georgia, did their best mixed martial arts fight impression when a dispute over in-game music escalated into an ugly brawl during a Little League baseball game on July 6.

"All I Do Is Win"

According to a Yahoo! Sports report, the fight started when King asked Davidson to lower the music he was playing after a game between the Northern Little League and Harris County All-Stars at a tournament in Georgia.

Davidson, the father of a child on the winning Northern Little League team, was playing "All I Do Is Win," the Auburn University rally song. He apparently turned the music down at King's request, but it didn't do much to calm the enraged man down.

Davidson claims his didn't do anything to provoke the attack. "I really didn't have any choice once the guy came at me but to defend myself," Davidson said. "I wasn't looking for a fight, I was out there with my friends and family playing music for the kids and somebody evidently got upset because they got beat or something, I guess."

He added "I kind of crouched down and hit him like a football player would hit somebody tackling and I picked him up and put him into the fence. Once I got him into the fence about three or four Harris County people came up behind me and started beating on me."

Fan's Take

In Georgia, you are allowed to stand your ground if someone is attacking you. In essence, this basically gives one the right to defend themselves in the case of an attack.

However, since this incident occurred at a Little League game, I believe Davidson should have turned and walked away, or ran away if he needed to. He may have had the right to defend himself, in a legal sense, but it set a bad example for the kids who were watching or participating in the game.

Student-athletes take their cues from coaches and parents. If parents are starting fights, it's to be expected that athletes are going to start brawls on the field.

At the youth level, sportsmanship is paramount and fighting is not encouraged or accepted. Even if Davidson was indeed defending himself, he still could have done more to avoid the confrontation.

Both King and Davidson should be banned from all future Little League events, as this behavior is classless and despicable. There is always the risk in sports that emotions can run high, but being a parent means having the responsibility to set a good example.

Cooler Heads Prevail

Luckily, there were some level-headed parents in attendance who worked to break the fight up.

At least a few people seen in the video yelled at the men to break it up and set a better example because there were kids watching.

These parents deserve more credit for stepping up, as the media hasn't focused on them much since the video of the incident went viral. The YouTube video of the incident tallied over 50,000 views over the weekend.

Should Davidson and King get banned for life from Little League events? Let me know in the comments.

Eric Holden has been covering youth league and prep sports since 2009. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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