Galliani nearly tangled with a child, says Fiorentina

Shane Callaghan
Galliani: Milan targeting top-three finish

Fiorentina has accused AC Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani of quarrelling with a child during a heated match between the two sides on Sunday.

The 68-year-old was forced to leave the stands after being targeted with missiles at the Artemio Franchi as the Viola came from behind to draw 2-2.

And while Fiorentina has apologized for its fans' actions, it believes the situation was exacerbated by Galliani himself.

"Fiorentina apologize if anyone has shown a lack of respect to Milan and Galliani, a director that enjoys our highest esteem," a club statement read.

"We will evaluate the photos and images of those excited moments in the presidential box. If someone has behaved incorrectly, they will no longer set foot in there.

"Of course, Galliani has not helped to calm people down - he almost had tangled with a child. But, I repeat, we apologize and we will make sure that certain things do not happen again."