Fun Ways to Compete With Your Spouse

Kelly Herdrich
Yahoo! Contributor Network
Fun Ways to Compete With Your Spouse
Take up golf with your significant other.

My husband and I have been trying (unsuccessfully) for the past ten years not to keep score. It doesn't matter who unloaded the dishwasher last time, who changed the last poopy diaper, or which one of us did the most dusting, vacuuming, or cleaning. It doesn't matter because we're a team, and with marriages, it's all about the give and take.

But if we aren't going to compete on the home field, so to speak, we're going to compete somewhere. What fun ways can you compete with your spouse?

Fantasy Sports

While I wasn't able to wrangle my husband into forming his own fantasy football team (I'm the Redskins fan in the family), my sister and I compete energetically against her husband in his friends and family league. It has generated lots of good-natured ribbing and has everyone watching the games on the edge of their seats. For the record, we won our first year in the league, and we've never let him forget it.


Is your old bicycle gathering dust in the garage? Pull it out and head out for a ride with your significant other. Turn a leisurely ride into a race at the end - which one of you can make it home first?

Indoor Rec Leagues

There are quite a few indoor sports leagues in our area, most competing in the evening and into the night, after the kids are in bed. Many co-ed teams require at least two or more girls to be present every evening, which means there's a spot for him and her. Compete together or compete apart? It's up to you!


My husband and I used to run at different times so that one of us can watch the kids, but that didn't mean that we didn't turn it into a competition. We were regularly seeing who could run the farthest or do a comparable distance in the shortest amount of time. Take it a step farther and train for a race together. Who ends up with the best time?

Learn a New Sport Together

Never played softball? Me neither! Get out with your partner, pick a new sport, and learn together! My local community has a pick-up softball game on Sunday mornings and my neighbors have started playing together with the kids watching from the stands, instead of the other way around. Whether you play guys vs. girls or divvy up into co-ed teams, you'll enjoy the experience of learning a new sport together, especially if you're on the winning team.

Not interested in a team sport? Compete against one another as you learn golf or tennis instead!


You don't have to compete against one another to enjoy the fun that competition can bring to your relationship. Consider one, or both, of you coaching one of your children's sports teams. It's a wonderful bonding experience for the entire family. Channel those competitive urges into a successful season for the kids!