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Forrest Griffin Deserves a Pass for His Post-Fight Antics at UFC 148: Fan's View

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UFC President Dana White and Tito Ortiz were both annoyed with Forrest Griffin's post-fight antics on July 7 at UFC 148.

Run, Forrest, Run

First, the former TUF winner ran out of the octagon before the official judge's decision was announced - the second time in his UFC career that he's done so - because he was embarrassed by his performance.

White screamed for Griffin to get back in the cage and the 34-year-old obliged. Unfortunately, that was only the start of his weird behavior.

Griffin ripped the microphone from commentator Joe Rogan's hand and began asking Ortiz questions about the fight and his UFC career.

White's View

White was furious with Griffin, and he called him out at the post-fight presser.

"If you're bummed out, do it in the back," White said. "If you're looking for Joe Rogan's (expletive) job, it isn't going to happen. That's Joe's job. Leave the microphone alone until Joe comes over and talks to you. I love Forrest Griffin. He's a great guy, but he gets a little kooky sometimes."

Ortiz Calls Him Out

Ortiz was just as upset with Griffin.

"That was (expletive)," a visibly shaken Ortiz said later at the post-fight press conference. "You've got to understand, 15 years ago Joe Rogan was the first person to interview me. I told him, 'I'm going to make a mark in this sport.' I helped build the sport that built me into the person I am today. I wish Joe Rogan would have interviewed me, but I guess that's what we've got a press conference for."

Fan's Take

Griffin looked like a fool for running out of the cage immediately following the fight, but he hinted post-fight that he was going to return before the judge's decision was announced even if Dana White didn't chase him down.

Griffin is an emotional guy, and it's hard to question a man's behavior after they have been punched in the face for 15 minutes in a row. I agree that it would have looked silly if Griffin ran out of the octagon and refused to return, like he did for his tilt against Anderson Silva. But since he came back and only left the cage momentarily, I believe he deserves a pass.

As for stealing the spotlight from Ortiz for the post-fight interview, I think there was no malicious intent. In fact, I think Griffin was trying to honor Ortiz by interviewing him. He apologized immediately after at the post-fight presser when he heard how upset Ortiz and White were for the incident.

Griffin has always had a kooky sense of humor, and some of his finest outside-the-cage performances were fun interviews and appearances with Stephan Bonnar.

Griffin's name has also been synonymous with Ortiz, so I think he was just trying to show some respect to his battery mate by interviewing him. I think Ortiz should have understood that Griffin wasn't trying to be a jerk by interviewing him. It was just "Forrest being Forrest."

"I sincerely apologize," Griffin said of stealing the mic from Joe Rogan. "I can see you guys have got a ton of history and I apologize. I wish I could take that back. I'm sorry."

I hope Griffin's wacky behavior didn't cost him a post-fighting career job with the league, as he's been a great ambassador for the sport. His personality is crazy at times, but that's what makes him a fan favorite. You never know what he's going to do, and that makes for some great television.

Eric Holden is a lifelong UFC fan and supporter of the sport of MMA. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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