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Former TUF Winner Mac Danzig Criticizes Coach Roy Nelson; Heavyweight's Manager Fires Back

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Former TUF Winner Mac Danzig Criticizes Coach Roy Nelson; Heavyweight's Manager Fires Back

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MACAU, MACAU - NOVEMBER 09: Mac Danzig makes weight during the UFC Macau weigh in at Cotai Arena on November …

Ultimate Fighter Season 6 winner and UFC lightweight Mac Danzig is not a fan of Roy Nelson.

Recently, Danzig told Yahoo! Contributor Network that he feels the current TUF coach is the wrong choice for the show, and is sorry for any young fighter forced to be led by the UFC heavyweight.

"The last thing I want to do is look at Roy Nelson do anything, let alone coach a show," Danzig said in an exclusive interview. "He's definitely not the type of person I would want to watch on a TV show. I feel bad for any of those kids that have to be on his team and be coached by him."

Danzig added that he hasn't wanted to see a moment of this season of TUF, and a large part of it has to do with Nelson's personality … or lack thereof, according to him.

"I don't foresee [myself] taking a look at 'Mr. Mullet' trying to pretend like he has a personality," he said. "I don't really care for Roy Nelson. He's not my type of person, he's definitely not my type of fighter. And what's with all this crap about 'oh, he's so tough?' Is that the only thing that anyone can ever say about him? Every single fighter that's in the UFC is just as tough as him. The only difference is that we all don't suck so bad that we're willing to just walk forward and eat punches with absolutely no recourse other than … an overhand right that anyone with half an eye can see coming from a mile away.

"All of us are willing to take shots like that, it's just we don't fight that stupid. Most fighters are extremely tough, but we actually train, have decent cardio and are trying to look for other ways to fight, rather than just plotting forward and taking shots to the face because we're big, fat slobs."

Nelson's manager, Mike Kogan, was furious when contacted about Danzig's critique of his client. Kogan pointed to the fact that Danzig is in no place to criticize someone, especially after his recent up-and-down trends in the UFC.

The lightweight is a lesser-known fighter, Kogan said, and talking about Nelson in such a way is laughable.

"Who the [expletive] is Mac Danzig?!" Kogan told YCN, stunned at the fact that such a thing was said. "He should start learning how to walk forward and throw overhand rights, maybe he'll put somebody away. Not to mention, the only fights that have ended in the first round were the ones where he got his [expletive] kicked."

Ultimate Fighter ratings have fallen in recent seasons, and Danzig views the show as something less prestigious than it was when he won it in 2007. He said the show has served its purpose, and there's only so much you can do when you rehash the same thing again and again. The addition of Nelson, it's assumed, was to add a personality that a lot of MMA fans can relate to and be entertained by.

If Danzig isn't entertained by Nelson's antics on the show, Kogan has a simple solution for him: watch something else.

"You don't like to see him on TV? Switch the [expletive] channel," Kogan said.

In his most recent fight, Danzig dropped a split decision to Takanori Gomi last week at UFC Macao. The loss was his sixth in his last nine fights, and history has shown that a record like that is a quick way to an exit from the UFC. Kogan said that this is reason enough for Danzig to be careful with what he says.

"In his last five fights, the only two people he's beaten are Joe Stevenson, who I think my kid can beat at this point, and Efrain Escudero, who is like 1-12 in his last 13 fights," Kogan said. "Mac Danzig should be the last person talking. Are you kidding me? He just lost to [expletive] Gomi."

Kogan didn't know why someone would have such a problem with Nelson, but Danzig pointed to respecting the sport as one of his main reasons. Nelson has been criticized in the past for being excessively overweight, and refusing to cut to 205 pounds for fights. Danzig shares that opinion, and the more Nelson fights at heavyweight, the less his the lightweight will be inclined to watch.

"The guy should be fighting at 205 (pounds)," Danzig said. "I don't like his stupid gimmick, being a hillbilly or whatever he's trying to do. I just don't like the idea of having to watch him fight. He's disrespectful to the sport coming in like that."

Being close to 100 pounds apart in weight, it's obvious Nelson and Danzig will never fight. But Kogan believes that if Danzig continues talking trash and losing outings, the fight he'll have is one that'll see him back where he got his UFC start.

"Be careful what you [expletive] wish for because the way your (expletive) UFC career is going, you might end up on one of those shows fighting for a spot," he said.

Erik Fontanez is an MMA writer and reporter for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Follow Erik on Twitter at @Erik_Fontanez

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