Five Teams to Watch During the 2012/13 NBA Season: Fan’s Take

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The NBA is poised to have one of its most entertaining seasons in years, and I for one look forward to Oct. 30. Here are five teams to look out for during the 2012/13 NBA season:

1. Miami Heat

No surprise here, the Heat secured their second NBA title in franchise history during the 2012 Finals, and they're clearly the team to beat right now. With consistently solid role players like Mario Chalmers and Udonis Haslem, plus the signing of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis, Miami's "big three" have all the support needed to secure consecutive NBA titles for the first time in franchise history.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

The Lakers have been busy during the offseason, turning themselves into a serious championship contender once again. With the addition of Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Antawn Jamison, the Lakers will definitely shake things up in the Western Conference, and I wouldn't be surprised if they end up battling the Heat in the 2013 Finals.

3. Oklahoma City Thunder

The Thunder dominated the NBA's Western Conference last season, but they ran out of steam when they ran into Miami in the Finals. Fortunately for Oklahoma, they're a very young team, and their experience in the 2012 Finals will only make them better. The Thunder didn't lose any of their superstars during the offseason, and I expect them to have another impressive season.

4. San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs were manhandled by the Thunder during the 2012 offseason, but I'm sure we haven't seen the last of this group. Their "big three" all have championship experience, and they've been one of the most fundamentally sound teams in the NBA for quite some time. It won't be easy making it to the Finals in the west, but I wouldn't count this team out.

5. Boston Celtics

The Celtics might have lost Ray Allen to the Heat, but they picked up Jason Terry and Brandon Bass during the offseason. The rest of their core superstars remain intact. The Celtics are still one of the toughest teams in the NBA's Eastern Conference, and I expect them to make their sixth consecutive playoff appearance.

David is a Miami Heat fan that has followed the team for 16 years. Follow him on twitter @davidkingwriter and check out his blog.


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