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Five Reasons Why Brett Favre May Struggle as a High School Football Coach: Fan's View

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When I first heard the news that Brett Favre would be returning to football as a high school offensive coordinator, I was pretty jazzed about it.

I thought it was nice of him to do something good for the kids and give back to his local community. But the more I evaluated the situation, the more I was left wondering if Favre will be able to handle this new role.

Here's five reasons why Favre may struggle as a high school offensive coordinator:

1) No Coaching Experience: Numerous great players have attempted careers as coaches after they retire. Some succeeded, while others tried and failed. The only thing that is for certain is that excellence in athletics doesn't always translate into great coaching.

Wayne Gretzky, arguably the greatest NHL player of all-time, is the perfect example. Gretzky was a master tactician on the ice, playing 20 seasons and tallying more points than anyone else to ever play the game. But when it came to coaching, Gretzky was a major bust. He notched a record of 143-161 in four seasons for the Phoenix Coyotes, and the team never finished higher than fourth place.

It must be hard for a former standout athlete to teach a young player how to do something when talent and skill came so naturally for them. I believe that is why some great former athletes fail as coaches.

2) Favre Wasn't A Fundamentally Sound Quarterback: Favre was a great quarterback, but he was a bit of a wild card. While it's true that he always found ways to win games, he was noted to be frenetic in the pocket and his mechanics weren't very disciplined. It worked for him because he was a great talent with raw, natural skills, but it's no way to teach a high school quarterback how to play the game.

3) Creating A Distraction: There is going to be a ton of media exposure on Favre and this team, likely giving it the feel of a college atmosphere rather than a high school on gamedays.

High school football is supposed to be a development phase, giving these youngsters the tools to succeed in college. They might not be ready to be thrust into the limelight just yet, and Favre's presence will do just that.

4) The Cell Phone Incident: I doubt that Favre will be pulling another incident similar to what happened in 2008 during his stint with the New York Jets, when he made national headlines for inappropriate texts to Jenn Sterger and the team's massage therapists.

While a repeat incident is unlikely, some parents haven't forgotten about it and may not want their children to be hanging around with someone who did that just four years ago.

5) Coaching Clash: In Dec. of 2009, Favre had a well-documented clash on the sidelines with then Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress.

On a high school level, it's paramount for student-athletes to show respect towards their coaches. Favre set a bad example in the past with his clash with Childress, so he'll have to teach a little differently this time around.

Eric Holden is a lifelong Brett Favre fan. He is also a supporter of the New York Jets and throughly enjoyred Favre's time in New York in 2008. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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