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Five Reasons We Love Tottenham Hotspur

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COMMENTARY | It's rarely easy being a Tottenham Hotspur supporter.

Spurs consistently find new ways to break the hearts of fans, such as missing out on Champions League despite finishing fourth in the Premier League table, or failing to qualify for club football's biggest tournament after earning 72 points during the EPL season. All of these setbacks aside, those who follow Spurs remain Tottenham 'till they die, even at those times when it feels as if the club will be the reason they are sent to early graves.

Five reasons we love Tottenham Hotspur: Everybody loves the underdog, right?

I'm not at all diluted enough to believe that Spurs are a small club that has defied all the odds in becoming a perennial European side, all the while rising as a top-five team "the right way." With that said, Tottenham certainly isn't at the levels of the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea. As much as it pains me to type it, Spurs are still beneath rivals Arsenal minus the trophy drought that admittedly gets more funny with every year. Of the so-called "big" London clubs, Tottenham is definitely the little brother of the group, a fact that has always made it endearing for at least this follower.

Five reasons we love Tottenham Hotspur: White Hart Lane

I view the Lane as I, a fan of the New York Mets, always looked at Shea Stadium. There are plenty of reasons why the current home of Tottenham will eventually be replaced by a newer and bigger stadium, but that venue, whatever it will be called, just won't feel the same. It won't feel like home. WHL is far from perfect, and I can't imagine that a single Tottenham supporter would, after removing their biased glasses, say differently. Still, the Lane is unique and it's ours, and it doesn't look like something that came straight out of a video game.

Five reasons we love Tottenham Hotspur: OH, Ledley Ledley

Former defender and current club ambassador Ledley King is hardly the most talented overall player to ever wear Tottenham Lilywhite, but it's far from an overstatement to suggest that nobody associated with the club lived and breathed the team as did "Mr. Spurs." The most unfortunate thing about Tottenham's ultimate one-club man is that we never really got to see him at his absolute best because of the chronic knee problems that plagued him throughout his professional career. He last took the pitch in the spring of 2012, but Spurs supporters will still continue to honor him through song at every match for the foreseeable future.

Five reasons we love Tottenham Hotspur: Our traditions aren't going anywhere

The very idea brought up every now and again that Tottenham supporters using the "Yid Army" chant or the "Y-Word" has anything to do with those individuals racially abusing anybody is nothing short of comical. Those who follow Spurs will tell you that Yid Army is an honest to God badge of honor, a banner under which is found individuals from just about every background one could imagine. There is real racism and real hate in world football, and neither is found in Tottenham fans singing the Y-word after Spurs find the back of the net. Those looking for the club's most diehard supporters to change their minds regarding this issue should probably prepare for the same response that was heard at matches last season:

"We're Tottenham Hotspur. We sing what we want."

Five reasons we love Tottenham Hotspur: This quote

"It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we at Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory."

That, of course, hasn't been the case for Tottenham year in and year out for a variety of reasons but that motto has seemingly, if not publicly, been accepted by current manager Andre Villas-Boas. "It's not a mission of restoring my reputation, it's a mission to put Tottenham back on track with titles," the then-new Tottenham boss told reporters after being hired last summer. He then proved his intentions by going all-in on numerous competitions, including a Europa League tie in which nearly half of his squad was unavailable because of injuries. Yes, Spurs did again fall short of their goal of earning Champions League football last May.

But it sure was a fun and memorable ride.

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