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Five Reasons It Is Hard to Be a St. Louis Cardinals Fan

Being a Fan of the St. Louis Cardinals Can Be Tough

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COMMENTARY | The St. Louis Cardinals have developed a fan base that reaches all corners of the country. The fans of the team live and breathe Cardinals baseball. Cheering on one of the best franchises in baseball history has benefits, but sometimes it's hard to be a Cardinals fan.

Here are five reasons why it's a struggle for all Redbirds faithful:

The Chicago Cubs

The Cardinals' primary rival for many years has been the baby bears of the north side of Chicago. The problem is it's hard to be fired up for a rivalry against a franchise that has been irrelevant for so long. The Cubs' losing ways are a matter of public record. The Cardinal fans get fired up and do all they can to make the rivalry entertaining, but it's exhausting trying to get excited for a game against a team that is consistently that bad.

Winning seasons are never enough

Sports teams worldwide would kill to have a winning season, just ask the Pittsburgh Pirates. But when you are a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, that is just not enough. Winning more games than games lost is a nice achievement, but if that does not translate into a successful playoff run, it becomes useless to Cardinals fans. We don't need the team to win the division, but not playing baseball in October forces us to focus on the St. Louis Rams and that's depressing.

The best fans in baseball

The title bestowed on Cardinals fans has become a bit of an albatross. Going to a game will yield you access to a lot of people that fit this tag, smart fans that are known for applauding excellent plays on the field by either team and acknowledging sound fundamental plays by their own team. However, that does not mean that all fans of the team are part of that group. When some drunkard starts the wave in a close game or fans start filing out of the stadium early, fans of other teams will make sure to remind you that "the best fans in baseball" are not as great as they claim to be.

The uniforms barely change

The birds-on-the-bat logo is timeless and has been in place for many, many years. Fans of other teams get completely new looks each and every year while Cardinals fans are left with new alternate jerseys once every few seasons. How is a fan supposed to show loyalty without running out to buy the newest uniform every year?

Winning is exhausting

The expectations for the team to consistently win gets tiring. What is a fan to complain about? Tickets are hard to come by, everyone's always cheering, and the environment is generally positive. It is hard to stay this happy about your team on a regular basis.

Obviously, it's not that hard to be a fan of the team that has won more world championships than any other team in the National League. The reality it all is that being a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals leads to a pretty happy baseball life.

Bill Ivie can be found writing about the Cardinals at i70baseball as well as here on Yahoo! Sports. You can find him talking baseball on Twitter regularly.

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