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Five Reasons the Buffalo Bills' Stevie Johnson Has the Best Twitter Account in the NFL

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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson.

COMMENTARY | For better or worse, Twitter has forever changed the way we view and interact with athletes.

The social network has given fans the opportunity to get real-time reactions from their favorite players and an (mostly) unfiltered view into their lives off of the field. By now, virtually every professional athlete and team has some presence on Twitter, and most fans and media members hang on their every tweet.

Of course, some athletes are more entertaining follows than others. The Buffalo Bills have tweeters on both ends of the spectrum. On the no-reason-to-follow end is Bills quarterback Kevin Kolb. While Kolb has managed to collect over 22,000 followers between his years with the Eagles, Cardinals, and now Bills, his Twitter has done nothing but collect dust since his last tweet in September 2011.

But while Bills fans are burdened with one of the most useless Twitter feeds in the NFL, they are also blessed to have the undisputed best, that of wide receiver Stevie Johnson. Not only is Johnson an extremely active tweeter, but the content of his tweets is very diverse and always entertaining.

Here are the five reasons why Johnson has the best Twitter account in the NFL:

Interaction With Fans

For fans, the best thing about Twitter is getting the chance to interact with their favorite athletes in a way that they otherwise would not be able to. Johnson is one of the best at doing just that. Not only does he commonly re-tweet fan photos sent to him, but he also runs many Twitter contests where fans can win various prizes. It doesn't get much better for a football fan than the chance to win a cool prize directly from one of the best wide receivers in the game.


Johnson has proved that he is willing to speak his mind on Twitter, and definitely has not chilled by the sense of correctness that seems to paralyze many other famous athletes and figures. If anything, Johnson has shown that, at times, he has little filter at all, such as when he joked that the North Koreans should bomb fans of the New England Patriots (for which he later apologized).

As a similar example, even before Johnson established himself as one of the league's premier pass-catchers (and when he was still formally referred to as "Steve Johnson"), he made waves in the mainstream media for a tweet. In a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers in late-2010, Johnson had a chance to catch the game-winning touchdown to lead the Bills to the upset win. Unfortunately, the ball slipped through his hands in the end zone, and the Steelers ended up taking the game.

Naturally, Johnson took to Twitter immediately after the game to address the play, and questioned God about what kind of lesson he was supposed to learn by dropping the pass. Of course, the media took the tweet and ran, thrusting Johnson into the national spotlight for "blaming God." Although it may have been extreme, it was a great example of Stevie not being afraid to tweet exactly what is on his mind.


Not only is Johnson comfortable with live-tweeting his emotions, but he is also not afraid of "over-sharing." On an average day, Johnson will tweet multiple times, about everything from what he is watching on television to his plans for the day to whatever else comes to his mind. This makes Johnson's Twitter a must-follow, because it never ceases to provide free entertainment.


Speaking of entertainment value, Johnson's Twitter is great because he does not limit himself to merely discussing football. Instead, Stevie is a brilliant person who shares many of his other passions with the world on Twitter.

For example, Johnson has been working on a mix-tape, and has kept fans posted on its progress. In addition, Johnson has routinely demonstrated his love for fashion and local art on Twitter. This moves Stevie above the other players in the NFL on Twitter -- not only are followers treated to a behind-the-scenes look at one of the best football players in the league, but they also receive cultural enrichment through a look at Johnson's various other passions.

Slam Cam

Finally, a relatively new addition to Stevie's Twitter deserves its own special attention. Starting at training camp this season, Johnson has been taking videos and posting them to Twitter of what he refers to as the "Slam Cam."

Essentially, one Buffalo Bills player sneaks behind someone with a Nerf basketball hoop while another player comes up with a ball and dunks on the unsuspecting individual. Needless to say, hilarity ensues. The Slam Cam reached its highest levels of greatness during training camp when Bills running back Fred Jackson pulled off a thunderous dunk on an unsuspecting Doug Marrone.

Needless to say, this kind of entertainment provides a prime example of why the Bills are so likable in 2013 and why Stevie Johnson has the best Twitter profile in the game.

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