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Five Reasons to Avoid a Pacquiao vs. Bradley Rematch

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Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley have both expressed a desire, or at least a willingness, to go ahead with the rematch of their controversial fight which ended in a stunning Split Decision victory for Bradley. However, it's in the best interests of just about everybody, particularly the fans, to pass on the opportunity to see Bradley-Pacquiao II, and let the fighters move on in a different direction.

Here are the top 5 reasons to avoid a Pacquiao vs. Bradley rematch.

1. We All Know What Really Happened Anyway

It's not as if Pacquiao vs. Bradley was a super competitive fight which could have gone either way, and which would have meant that a rematch offers up drama, suspense and anticipation. Instead, most everyone scored the fight widely for Pacquiao, and we all know what really happened. Yes, the record books will have an "L" for Pacquiao on that night, but beyond the official outcome, there's not any doubt or uncertainty to settle.

2. The Fight Wasn't that Good

Beyond when a fighter gets upset, rematches often occur simply when a fight was fun to watch. That wasn't the case for Pacquiao vs. Bradley. It was a decent scrap, and not as ugly as it could have been with Bradley going about his business in there. Nevertheless, the action occurred only in fits and spurts, and the bout was never aesthetically pleasing.

3. Pacquiao's Dwindling Time

Pacquiao has but a limited number of fights left before he steps away from the squared circle. Why use such a precious commodity on a Bradley rematch, when a fourth fight with Juan Manuel Marquez could come off, or when a super fight against Floyd Mayweather could finally get made? Beyond those two bouts, I'd rather see Pacquiao square off against the likes of Amir Khan or Brandon Rios before fighting Bradley once again.

4. The Fight Buildup and the Pay-Per-View

I'm already shuddering at the thought of watching another 4-part Pacquiao vs. Bradley '24/7' series on HBO, and dealing with multi-city press tours, promoters feigning excitement for the bout and endless chatter about the rematch that none of us wanted, but is taking place regardless. Then, to top it all off, the rematch would be on pay-per-view, forcing boxing fans to fork over another $60 just to watch the fight. What's the point?

5. Bradley's Best Interests

Bradley has absolutely nothing to gain from facing Pacquiao again. Sure, he could score a more legitimate victory the second time around -- but in all honesty, nobody would pay too much mind to that, and it's unlikely to happen either way. He has the belt, the "W" on the resume, and the great payday from the fight. Now, what would be best for his career, just like Pacquiao, is moving onto new things. He could defend his title against the likes of Josesito Lopez, Victor Ortiz, Andre Berto or Amir Khan, for starters.

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