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The Five Funniest and Most Entertaining High School Sports Twitter Handles: A Fan's View

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MacArthur topped Calhoun by a 3-0 count in the Nassau County Class AA Finals.

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MacArthur topped Calhoun by a 3-0 count in the Nassau County Class AA Finals.

It's clear that thousands of high school and college-age "soccer girls" can relate to the incredible tweets posted by "SoccerGirlProblems," a Twitter handle dedicated to the absurd and outrageous complaints of soccer players across the nation.

The Twitter account, located at @SoccerGrlProbs, is so popular that it racked up close to 74,000 followers since Aug. of 2011. It has also gained so much momentum of late that it spawned a "S**t Soccer Girls Say" YouTube video, which tallied over 1.5 million page views since February.

One of their most recent tweets said "That awkward moment when you win a game because you did exactly what your coach told you not to do #SoccerGrlProbs."

Here's a look at the recent of the top five most hilarious high school sports Twitter pages:

Softball Problems

Much like "SoccerGrlProbs," Softball Problems (@softballproblem) is dedicated to the hilarious complaints and funny moments from softball players across the country.

On March 16, they tweeted "When I have a good day at the plate I have to wear the same headband/spandex/socks/bra/ribbons until I have a bad day #superstitions." Another fun recent tweet, posted on March 14, said "#ThingsIDontHaveTimeFor slow pitchers, teams in shorts, and scrubs. Come to play."

Laura Albanese

Newsday high school sports reporter Laura Albanese has an incredibly quirky writing style and she sprinkles plenty of humor into her tweets about local games.

On March 10, during the St.John the Baptist/Iona Prep state regional final, Albanese tweeted "Hahahahaha. SJB taunt to all-boys Iona Prep: "We have cheerleaders! - cheerleaders do a little dance, Iona Prep looks dejected." Follow Albanese on Twitter @albaneselaura.

Track and Field

Track and Field (@track_probs) follows in the vein of SoccerGrlProblems and Softball Problems, to give a fresh take on high life school as a track and field athlete.

On March 18, they tweeted "when coach makes you warm up in your sweats...and it's 80 degrees. #sprinterprobs #trackprobs."

Another clever recent post said "track meets that have porta-potties....seriously, it's 2012 and we live in America. #trackprobs."

Wrestling Problems

Wrestling Problems (@wrestlingprobs_) is dedicated to all the problems that a high school wrestler encounters during a season.

On March 14, they retweeted a great fan post that said "@WrestlingProbs_ #matburn on your knees, elbows, and especially your face." I think that is completely true and totally genius.

Eric Holden has been covering Long Island high school sports since 2009. Follow him on Twitter @ericholden.

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